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Review: Taken by Erin Bowman

Taken - Erin Bowman

Taken by Erin Bowman

This book…I loved it. Period, the end. Well, I wish that was all, but I’ll explain a little further. What a fascinating and unique premise. The story unfolded at a perfect pace. There was action, romance, and friendship. A book that keeps me on my toes and learning more and more is all I can ask for. There was never a dull moment, even when the story slows a bit as he learns more about his situation.

I so loved the male perspective. I haven’t read too many books with a male perspective so it was really fun and different. Gray was a very thoughtful and smart character. He was sensitive, yet strong and always cautious. I also really loved Bree, which is someone you will meet as you read the story. She kicks ass. I loved her character and whit. Its always a good thing to have a BA girl thrown into the mix!

Gray was torn between his head and heart often, and of course it was never easy. Based on description (and how I defined him in my head) he was so magnetic, personality and looks wise. It was really neat to have a love triangle with two girls, rather than the norm of two boys. I’m not fond of love triangles, but it definitely works in Taken.

Another reason why I loved Taken was that it was a very believable world. It wasn’t like a robotic dystopian, but a realistic future America that has civil unrest. Its something that really makes you think. You take this journey with Gray as he determines what’s important to him and how he fights for what he believes.

Basically, I would read this book again in a second. There was a full storyline, enough closure, and just enough to leave you wanting more. I enjoyed it so much and can’t wait for future books in the series!

For those who like: Dystopian, male perspective, futuristic civil unrest
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Fated (Soul Seekers #1) by Alyson Noel

Fated (Soul Seekers) - Alyson Noel


I really loved the storyline of Fated! I easily related to the book, because I’ve always been interested in Native American folklore and animal spirits. It’s fascinating and I think Noël successfully weaved a teen’s already crazy life with that of the myths of the Native American cultures. I really think Noël took a step up with this series!

I enjoyed the toss between good and evil and how both had a magical and alluring quality about them. Especially regarding the Native American cultures…definitely magical! The scenes and places Noël sent her characters were described with so much detail that it was easy to imagine they were real. I love that quality in a book. Its important for me to get thrown into the story and this just backed that up.

Daire wasn’t a really special kind of girl, but she stands out by having this strong connection to her Native American culture even though she had been previously separated from it. I loved this aspect of the book as well, because we grow with Daire as she learns more about herself and that creates a seamless experience for the reader.

The only minor downfall with Fated was that the first quarter of the book was very slow. It took a little while for me to get the hang of the dream sequences until we started learning where Daire came from. I encourage you guys to stick through that first part, because it’ll pay off!

Overall, what a great start to a new series. I can’t wait to pick up my copy of book 2. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the romance…very apparent and appropriate, but I am definitely hoping for more. Which I think might happen! ;)

For those who like: Animal spirits, good vs. evil, Native American legends
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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3)

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

I had no idea what to except when picking up Mockingjay. I didn’t know where the story would go or who we would meet this time. I loved that mystery and the fact that it wasn’t predictable! It made for a better adventure and more of a roller coaster ride, but still keeping those little things we absolutely love.

Katniss’s new life consists of getting used to the ways of District 13 and being the main face of the now outspoken rebellion. A rebellion that has previously killed many people, and Katniss feels responsible. She wants to give people the freedom they wish for and to get Peeta back, but in doing so making the Capitol angrier is inevitable.

Katniss is such an awesome and dynamic heroine. She’s one of those heroines that girls look up to and that makes The Hunger Games series even more important to a lot of readers! She’s smart and strong and ready to take on challenges handed to her no matter the cost she might pay. There weren’t many new characters added, which was okay, because there was so much more to learn about the ones introduced in the previous book. I really enjoyed that.

Like I’ve stated in previous reviews, I love that this series is written in more of a live-diary style. There is dialogue, but less than most novels. For me, I can connect with Katniss on more of an emotional level, which is really important and just another reason why this series is a big favorite of mine! The writing is exceptional and the storyline is unique and action-packed. Something you should definitely not overlook!

For anyone who hasn’t read the series, start now! I can say the same for readers who haven’t picked up Mockingjay yet. Its an epic story and something you shouldn’t pass up. You will laugh, fight, and cry with Katniss throughout all of her challenges, relationships, and personal conflict. I can’t recommend it enough!

For those who like: Dystopian, action, adventure/survival, strong heroines
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Hex Hall Book One

Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins Who wouldn’t be excited to jump into Hex Hall which, to me, is highly reminiscent of Sabrina the Teenage Witch!? I’ve heard a ton of great things about this book, but unfortunately it missed the marked. There is no doubt that it is humorous and fun, but I was expecting so much more. Sophie Mercer is a teen witch who doesn’t really know how to NOT use her powers. Every time she tries a spell it seems to go horribly wrong and her mom and her up and move to the next state in order to keep her powers on the low-down. Unfortunately, her father decides that she’s to attend a paranormal reform school, Hex Hall. But, when people start getting attacked, Sophie will have to jump in to clear her friend’s name and find out who’s really doing it. Sophie is really funny and a rather normal girl, minus her powers and all that. I found it really easy to like her, because of the humor. She’s also easily influenced by cute boys in school uniforms. I mean, who wouldn’t be? ;) I really loved Jenna, the vampire. She was really sweet and a good friend, even though everyone treated her like an outcast. I kind of had a love/hate relationship with Archer, the super cute warlock. Sometimes I just wanted to punch him in the face. Eh…it happens, right? Rachel Hawkins must be hilarious in person, because the humor translated really well into Hex Hall. I promise you will not be let down if you are looking for a fun read! Other than that, I couldn’t get past how predictable it was. I felt like I was constantly waiting for the story to start up and get really interesting. Overall, Hex Hall was a quick and fun read. I’d recommend checking it out if you are looking for something cute that will make you giggle like a school girl. If you are looking for something more serious or adventurous, I would skip it. For those who like: Witches, light magic, funny and cute reads Source: Bought

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2)

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins The Hunger Games series is epic. That about sums it up in a few words. You know how some sequels are known to not hold the power of the first? Yeah, well Catching Fire was no exception. It was just as thrilling and surprising as the first book! After her Hunger Games victory, Katniss is back with her family and friends in District 12, but word gets around that her and Peeta unknowingly helped cause an unrest in the country of Panem. Suddenly, making people believe Peeta and her and in love is top priority, or else President Snow will step in. But, Katniss is thrown into all too familiar situations and getting Peeta out alive is her only mission, even if others have something else planned. Katniss is so empowering. I love her thoughts and feelings. I also liked the pull towards Gale and Peeta in Catching Fire. Katniss likes them both, but is emotionally confused and I feel as though it was a bit easier to connect with her, more on an emotional level. Haymitch is still as serious, yet goofy as ever…which is awesome! I really enjoyed the new characters introduced and I couldn’t wait to learn more about them. Each district’s lifestyle is so different that it was really great learning about them, however unfortunate their circumstances were. Suzanne Collins’s writing is so amazing. I am eternally in awe of how amazing The Hunger Games series is. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of books that don’t have a lot of dialogue, but these books are the exception. They are written more like a ‘live diary’, where its all happening right on the spot. From Katniss’s perspective it just comes off as that much more personal and I really loved that. Overall, please read Catching Fire! It kept me on my toes and clawed at my heart. Its a well rounded and very good read. If you haven’t started the series…please do so. I promise you will not regret a single moment of it! For those who like: Dystopian, action, adventure/survival, strong heroines Source: Bought


Eve - Anna Carey WOW! Just wow...I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited going into Eve. All I knew was that is was dystopian with romance, but I got so much more from it! I immediately fell in love with the story and the characters. Anna Carey definitely knows how to wrap a reader up in a web of danger, romance and heartbreak. I just love it. Eve is excited to finally be graduating school and moving on to, what she hopes are bigger and better things. Unfortunately, The New America doesn't have the same hopes that she does and deciding to run away to find Califia, a safe haven, and free herself from the life chosen for her prevails above all else. But, school teaches her to never trust those outside of the compound and she struggles to do the right thing and have faith in herself to trust the right people. Eve was a little bit annoying in the beginning. I got the vibe that she thought was better than everyone else, which I think was the point. After her decision to leave, I was so surprised at her turn around. Her walls lowered and her true self shined through, which was a relief. It was hard not to root for Eve when she was put to the test! Another amazing character was Caleb...Oh. My. Goodness. I loved this boy. He was sweet and caring and his relationship with Eve was raw and realistic. The writing is fresh and stood out from the rest. Carey does an amazing job with the levels of trust and emotions Eve experiences along the way. The story never gets boring or dull. In addition to the many things that I love, is the fact that no one was perfect. Everyone had their flaws. This is very relatable and will make readers care for and connect to those in the story. Overall, I recommend Eve to anyone who is a fan of dystopian or just venturing into the dystopian genre. It is the epitome of a wonderful book. Its a journey unlike anything else and it will make you fall head over heels for Eve and Caleb. For those who like: Dystopian, empowering heroines, romance, action Source: Bought

Dreamland (Riley Bloom)

Dreamland - Alyson Noel There is no doubt about how well written the Riley Bloom series is! That is the main thing I loved since the first book. Unfortunately this series has a track record (in my opinion) of being a little boring. In terms of creativity, Dreamland exceeded the previous books and I was really happy about that! Riley Bloom is stuck at 12-years-old and she wants nothing more than to accomplish something great in hopes of "growing up" and finally turning 13. With her continued rule-defying attitude, she sets off on yet another adventure, this time weaving dreams for those still alive. Again, she bites off more than she can chew and this time she's all alone in getting herself out of trouble. Riley is still very childish in this book, although there are hints that she's ready to "grow up". She needed to realize there's some things she can't change and to allow herself mature and go with the flow. She's still very funny and keeps that spontaneous nature that is loveable about her. The dreamweaving concept was so unique, I just adored it! It was a fun way to put it and I think younger readers will get absorbed into the staging and filming and crew members. Noel knows how to write in such vivid detail, that its really a Dreamland, ha! :P Overall, much better than the first book and along the same lines as book two. The adventure is not as constant in this book, but the reader's attention is easily grabbed by other creative and fun happenings. Definitely a book I would recommend to younger readers and/or to anyone looking for a quick read. For those who like: Fantasy, middle grade, cute storylines, the afterlife Source: Publisher - thank you!

Masque of the Red Death

Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin Jumping into Masque of the Red Death was really exciting! It was a whole new world and concept and I couldn’t wait to learn more about it. I had never read this story from Edgar Allan Poe, so its impossible for me to align the two. However, I do believe Griffin wove her own magic throughout the concept of the original story. Araby is trying to ward off the ever impending disease by spending nights at the Debauchery Club, a way for the elite to stay off of the streets. She ends up finding herself in more trouble -emotionally- when she meets Will and Elliot. But when the Prince notices Elliots interest in Araby, she’s thrown into a web of secrets that has been kept from her and she struggles to do the right thing. Araby was a unique character and I really loved her right from the start. She’s strong, but also very emotional and I was able to build a connection to her. She’s torn between doing the right thing and keeping herself alive and well, which is totally understandable if anyone lived in a world such as hers. The romance was bittersweet, because there’s Elliot and then there’s Will. Elliot is kind of a tough nut to crack and he knows how to rub Araby the wrong way. And Will is more of a caring person and Araby has a soft spot for his situation and his charming nature. I have to admit, it’s hard to side with just one of them. They each had qualities and little quirks that I adored! Griffin creates a grim world that will seep under your skin. A world where disease obliterated a large portion of the population. Reading about the side effects of the disease and the way people get around it was fascinating and so gross, yet, I never wanted to put it down. It was THAT good! Griffin paints a detailed picture of the fashions and architecture that still remain in the cities and towns Araby crosses and I was left in awe. I would highly recommend Masque of the Red Death to anyone interested in dystopian or steampunk, however keep in mind that its a very dark world. It was truly an amazing read that stands out among the rest and left me crossing my fingers that there may be more!! For those who like: Dark and creepy reads, romance, dystopian, steampunk Source: Publisher (ARC)


Thumped - Megan McCafferty When I first started the Bumped series, I thought it was weird and I probably wouldn't like it...I was so wrong. I ended up loving the first book and it was no different for Thumped! It was funny and fast-paced and kept me on my toes the entire length. Harmony is back living in Goodside, trying to make right some of the things she's done as of late. But, turning things around that she doesn't regret in the first place is a lot tougher than she would have liked. Meanwhile, Melody is busy selling the baby story to the world and what she really needs to do is spit out the truth...sooner rather than later. Everything seems to be crashing down on the girls and getting through this ordeal is harder than everyone imagined! I loved the relationship between the sisters, Melody and Harmony, in this sequel. Their bond has grown so much since the first book and I appreciate that, because it was relatable to a lot of people. Harmony was much less annoying than before and I am so happy of her growth. The supporting characters were also really important in Thumped and I absolutely loved them! If you've read Bumped, you've already been introduced to Jondoe, Zen, and Ram. I loved getting to know each character more, especially Zen and Ram. Megan throws some twists and turns at the reader, again, in book two! It's like the book of secrets and surprises. The concept is so creepy, yet its put in a funny kind of context. However, this book took things a little more seriously and that was a much needed change. Thumped is such a fun book and hard to put down once you start! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loved good humor and a fast-paced storyline. For those who like: Humor, fast-paced, cute love Source: Publisher (ARC)


Glimmer - Phoebe Kitanidis When I first started Glimmer, I loved the concept and the character introductions. Unfortunately, as the story progressed it fell flat for me in multiple ways. Although the writing was great, the storyline and characters didn't live up to my expectations. Elyse and Marshall don't know who they are and how they even ended up with each other. Working backwards from that day, they find clues as to who they are. Once they have a slight grasp on their identity, Elyse and Marshall find an unusual pattern in the everyday lives of the people of Summer Falls. Soon they know that the town's secrets need to be released and that they have the power to change everything. I really wish I would have connected to Elyse, even the slightest bit. I just really disliked her. She came off as whiny and sullen and I just had no personal connection to her. On the other hand, Marshall is what kept me interested in the progressing storyline. He was an interesting guy, who had previously (before his current memories) been kind of the bad/mean boy. I think Marshall and Elyse were such a mismatched pair that the alternating narratives felt like too much. The paranormal and mystery twist Kitanidis throws us was cool, but the ghost/magic mix was weird and didn't flow together for me. I liked the overall concept proposed in the book, but I expected more from it. I also enjoyed the writing, which was crisp and clear. I found myself eating up the words, but was hoping along the way that I would have a spark of connection with the book or its characters. Sadly, that didn't happen and I was left dissatisfied when finished. Overall, Glimmer fell a little flat. Even though the writing was great, the characters and storyline didn't hit the nail on the head for me. If you are interested in ghosts and/or magic, I would recommend you try it out. You never know...you may enjoy it! For those who like: Magic, ghosts, unique stories, alternating narratives Source: Publisher (ARC)


Slide - Jill Hathaway Slide was so far off from what I expected...in a good way. It was unique and mysterious, lined with a slight supernatural twist. I have to say, I really like the idea of "sliding" into someone else and seeing how others see things and although its a power I wouldn't want to possess, I loved reading about it. Vee keeps her sliding power quiet, mainly because she knows people might think she's crazy. Somehow the sliding effect is connected to touching personal items from others. But, now that she accidentally slid into a murderer's body, she's determined to find out who the killer is and solve the murder. Vee is led into a whirlwind of clues that may or may not be valid and putting together the pieces is harder than she thought. I got to hand it to Vee. She's not very fond of her ability and she can't seem to get rid of it, so she uses it in a way that helps her gain clues to Sophie's murder. She's equally strong and caring, however different those two characteristics may be. She was the nice girl who didn't care about gaining status by being rude to others, so I was definitely able to build a connection to her. Rollins is a reserved guy, regarding his home life, and Vee notices that he's been acting kind of odd. I liked that he was mysterious and weird. I think the group of characters definitely was the highlight of the book and each gave edge to the storyline. Jill Hathaway did an excellent job of seamlessly integrating the two emotions of Vee and whoever she's slides into. Obviously Vee is inside the person, but it was mind-boggling to be feeling what Vee is feeling AND what the other person feels. Overall, I really enjoyed the writing and that it was fast-paced. I would say that Slide is a must-read for everyone! It's mysterious and full of twists and puzzles. It kept me on edge and begging for the answers! It looks as though there will be a Slide series, so I am definitely looking forward to more from Jill Hathaway and the lovely Vee. For those who like: Light supernatural, murder mysteries Source: Publisher (ARC)

Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes - William Richter Originally posted at The Book Worms. http://thebookworms.org/2012/03/review-dark-eyes-by-william-richter/ I wasn't really sure what to expect when I first picked up Dark Eyes. I surely didn't expect to feel like I was hit by a train, multiple times. This book really goes up and down on the emotional meter and a major twist that I couldn't even get a hold of. Wally is on a mission to find out everything she can about her birth mother and locate her after discovering a letter left behind. She always seems to find her way into danger and as her crew digs up new clues about where her mother might be, they are thrown into fatal confrontations. Wally is an edgy, dangerous, don't-ask-for-help kind of girl. I found her quite likeable and I was really rooting for her! She's got a soft side that allows the reader to connect with her a bit more. Her "crew" relies on her for her street smarts. I really enjoyed the presence of the other three teens, but I wish there was a bit more to their friendships. They added minimal dimension to the story, and I don't think Richter succeeded in giving readers and opportunity to connect with them. As for the other characters, we get a clear insight as to what they are like. Klesko...what a jerk. I kind of wanted to jump into the story and have a shoot-em-up with this guy! The action in this book was really excellent. It was fast-paced and will keep you on your toes. There was never a slow moment, always go-go-go! I was extremely surprised by the last pages that I was left saddened by the events, but excited at the same time. Overall, Dark Eyes was a good read. I was left disappointed by a couple of things regarding a few of the characters. It seems as if there is a possibility of more to come...But, who knows! If you like action this is definitely the book for you! For those who like: Action, realistic city/street life, young vigilantes Source: Publisher (ARC)

Illuminate: A Gilded Wings Novel, Book One

Illuminate - Aimee Agresti Illuminate has all the makings of a gorgeous and enchanting read. Aimee Agresti chose a realistic setting and within wove the worlds of Heaven and Hell. The writing was beautiful and I was hooked from the first chapter. Agresti enthralls the reader with such a glamorous setting! Haven Terra is chosen for an internship at the prestigious new hotel, The Lexington. She notices the glamour and the beauty of the hotel's employees and feels a little out of place, but she's determined to do this internship and excel. Haven is awestruck by Aurelia and Lucian, the mysterious front-runners of The Outfit. But, Haven is smart and with clues from an unusual source and friends at her side, she learns more about what she is and the reasons she was chosen for this job. I loved that Haven was normal, just like any other girl in high school. She carries no 'glamazon' status and is eagerly waiting for her chance to succeed and do something grand. Even as Haven gains confidence, she never loses herself in the lifestyle the hotel offers. She's a consistent character and her voice is so smart and beautiful. Dante and Lance were wonderful supporter characters, representing the outgoing and shy side of the students. Lance was an amazing guy. He was very shy and it was a slow process in getting to know him, but it was very realistic and true to his personality....and well worth it! Now, as for Lucian...he is a beautiful and romantic type of guy. He's mysterious and his intentions are never made clear. Which drove me a little mad! Lucian is someone you love and hate at the same time. There are quirks that drop ideas in your head and then others that make you say "aww". With him, its just a roller coaster of emotions. Agresti's Illuminate world is very glam and 20's reminiscent (which I love), and yet still very realistic to today's standards. She kept everything together at a slower pace and threw curve balls throughout, which is guarantee to start your engine and throw you into the mystery of it all. I really enjoyed reading this book and I hope that when you read it, you'll feel the same way! Highly recommended. For those who like: Good vs. evil, mystery, romance, glamorous settings Source: Publisher (ARC)


Hereafter  - Tara Hudson Ok so here's the deal...Hereafter was full of AWESOME. Once I picked it up, I loved the writing so much that I just didn't want to stop. I loved the way Tara Hudson explains in detail Amelia's nightmares, surroundings, and feelings. It did help that I am interested in ghost stories, but even if you didn't have a prior interest in them, it doesn't spoil this book at all.

Amelia was so lively...for a ghost. I absolutely loved her and loved reading from her perspective. Amelia is lost in the afterlife, not really sure why she has to stay by the river in which she drowned. But when she helps Joshua her whole after-"life" changes and he can see her. But Joshua is different and possibly dangerous for Amelia to be around and Amelia needs to figure out what happened to her and if she's going to be in the in-between forever.

I love mysteries and I was completely absorbed by this one. I felt as though I was part of Amelia's world and with all the clues rolling around, I just couldn't put my finger on the answer. Multiple times I thought I figured it out, but it was just another twist in the story.

Hereafter intertwines a love story with the very realistic ghost and spirit world. My favorite part was that it wasn't about love/lust at first sight, it was about learning about someone and gradually growing a relationship. Amelia and Joshua did have an initial connection, but I really enjoyed that it was a process of emotions and feelings for them. Not just BAM I LOVE YOU! You get my drift. ;)

Hereafter is a perfect, amazing and beautiful story! I feel like picking it up and reading it again. A fresh take and unique story line. I hope you all get a chance to read it. I am buying my copy as soon as I can!!

Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls)

Awake at Dawn - C.C. Hunter I loved Born at Midnight! It was a fresh idea and I really loved that this wasn't all about a human girl discovering vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings, she IS one. Talk about supernaturals all over the place! It was so fun to have so many in one book.

Kylie Galen feels kind of lost and unsure of who she is right now. Her parents are separating, her boyfriend breaks up with her for not putting out, she has a creepy soldier stalker (or is it a ghost), and she gets caught at a party with alcohol. After all the trouble, she's sent away to Shadow Falls Camp, a camp for 'troubled' teens. Thing is, these teens appear to be troubled, but not the normal kind of trouble. These kids are supernatural beings; vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies, shapeshifters, and ghost whisperers.

Kylie has always felt different, but she didn't think she was a freak like these kids, as she put it. Kylie soon realizes these teens are there to harness the powers they've acquired and for the most part want to try to live a normal life. As she begins to fit in, she sees the more human sides of the people around her and finally feels like maybe she's found a place to belong.

From the beginning of the book, Derek has made it obvious he's into Kylie, but being that she's not even sure where she's going she sloughs it off. Unfortunately for Kylie, the more Derek comes around the more attracted she is to him. Derek has a power that Kylie wonders is the cause for this attraction and therefore is never too trusting.

On the other hand, there's Lucas, the werewolf, who wants nothing to do with her. She remembers him from when they were young and has always thought him dangerous but alluring, but then again he's not acting interested...

I loved getting to know Kylie, Della and Miranda (her vampire and witch roomies). This story was funny, sad, and suspenseful. It kept me on edge, trying to figure out who Kylie is and how she’s supposed to control and use her powers. I do admit that the real conflict was late to get going. I would have liked to see it sooner in the book.

The writing was easy to follow and not in the way of the story. Overall I thought Born at Midnight rocked and was definitely a fun and mysterious read!

Dark Mirror

Dark Mirror - M.J. Putney, Mary Jo Putney Dark Mirror was such a refreshing read. I loved the clear writing and the story line was unique and interesting, although there were a couple flaws for me, I still really enjoyed it!

I LOVE history, so when I realized this is going to be filled with historical events I got so excited! Lady Victoria Mansfield, or Tory, lives in 1803 England around the time Napoleon Bonaparte planned to invade England. Tory’s main concern though is to marry a wealthy man with a strong title, until she discovers she’s a mage!

When an accident happens at a gathering, she makes the choice to use her powers, visible or not,  to fix the situation. When others find out what she is they are appalled and Tory is no longer eligible for a husband of a high status. She’s sent off to a reform school to learn how to suppress her powers and possibly come back ‘well’.

While at Lackland Abbey, the reform school, Tory discovers that its much harder to suppress her powers when there are so many things she could do! Soon she finds herself wanting to use her power more and more and gets plunged into a situation that hardly anyone could believe.

Tory is strong-willed, but I’m not sure she believed it herself, especially in the beginning. I enjoyed how Tory wasn’t afraid to explore her powers and talent, despite the consequences.

M.J. Putney really took the time to develop all of her characters. I felt like I knew each one so well and I wasn’t asking myself questions about them or easily forgetting certain details. The only negative thing about this is that it was a really slow start. It took me a while to throw myself into the book.
The romance was so perfect in this book. Its just the slightest hint and tease that I can’t wait for more in the next book! I would have like to seen a bit more and maybe even earlier in the book, but I can’t complain too much, because what romance there was was sweet!