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Kiss Me Kill Me (Scarlett Wakefield Series)

Kiss Me Kill Me  - Lauren Henderson Kiss Me Kill Me has a way of sucking you into its shocking storyline right off the bat. It starts off with a ‘be careful what you wish for’ type of introduction, which I found funny and a good way to get the reader interested. I kept all interest in the story and suddenly I had about 5 pages left and I was thinking how they could possibly wrap it up in a couple of pages. Well I was left hanging and not a good hanging, it was sort of a boring ending. Not at all what you would have expected from previous chapters.

Scarlett Wakefield was easy to relate to. She has her flaws, just like everyone else, and she’s not afraid to admit them, but she also wishes they were gone. She has a huge crush on Dan McAndrews and then she finally gets a chance to talk to him when Plum and Nadia, the school’s queen bees, invite her to hang out with them and Scarlett ditches her best friends for popularity. So far what she’s wished for has come true and she’s wondering if kissing Dan will too.

Scarlett tries so hard to fit in, but she felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb and to make it worse, Dan dies after kissing her. She thinks she’s done something awful and Plum won’t let her off the hook. She’s expelled from her old school, St. Tabby’s, and transfers to her grandmother’s private school Wakefield Hall. Scarlett has no friends, which is good because no one will know her secret. Only she gets a note that throws everything off and now she’s on a hunt to find out who left it and how they know.

I really loved the light adventure in the book, but I was really let down by the end. I would have liked to see more than just the ‘note dilemma’ get wrapped up. I was a bit upset after finishing, because it was almost as if pages were missing. But, with that said, I will definitely be reading the next in the series, Kisses and Lies. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a decent quick read!

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures, Book 1)

Beautiful Creatures  - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia SO AMAZING!

The Fallen 1: The Fallen and Leviathan

The Fallen and Leviathan - Thomas E. Sniegoski I could not, for the life of me get into this book. I had started reading this back in June and I thought I would take a break from it and come back…same story.

It had the awesome storyline the hot guy cover ;) , but it was honestly just dull. The writing was standard, not terrible and the story seemed like it would be good. Just not my cup of tea I suppose.

I’m not going to give this book a rating, not because it was awful (which I didn’t think), just because I didn’t finish it.


Arcadia Awakens (Arcadia Awakens - Trilogy)

Arcadia Awakens - Kai Meyer Originally posted at The Book Worms: http://thebookworms.org/2012/02/review-arcadia-awakens-by-kai-meyer/ Kai Meyer molds such a unique and powerful world in Arcadia Awakens! Every time I cracked this book open, I just couldn’t get enough of it. The mafia aspect is incredibly realistic and weaves these opposing families together in an ancient legend. I really, really loved that it was extremely different than other shape shifting books out there! Rosa has a troubled past and just needs to be distracted. Setting out to Sicily seemed like the perfect getaway for her. Of course, its not just that simple and anything that can go wrong, does. She’s thrust into a crazy twist of mafia animals (literally) feuding over power and her own feud of feelings for the enemy. Rosa is a kick-butt kind of girl who isn’t really afraid to be her true self. She’s a character who was hard to grasp at first, but the readers grow with her as the story goes along. She’s smart and serious, and then Alessandro comes in and she gains power and strength with him. Alessandro was one beautiful guy (in my mind at least) and even though he is considered by all to be an enemy of the Alcantara clan, he’s so hard to resist. I loved that his and Rosa’s relationship wasn’t overbearing, or sappy. Mafia business…crazy! I mean crazy. I can only imagine that things like this happen in real life and reading Arcadia Awakens is so full of action and so realistic that reading it is almost scary! The storyline never once faltered and was as strong as ever straight through the end. The shape shifting was incredible! Meyer’s writing was different than any I’ve come across. The writing is gender-neutral, so it doesn’t matter who is reading. Its written in a 3rd person format that’s incredibly detailed and in tune with the current character. I really enjoyed the writing and will be looking for more from Meyer. Overall, this is a MUST read…as in the moment it releases. A fantastic, action-packed, suspenseful book that’s sure to keep you on edge – I think I can safely guarantee that! Review based on advanced reader's copy.

Tempest: A Novel

Tempest - Julie Cross Tempest starts off with a bang and never slows down! Its such a unique book and I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. I always like books about time travel and each has its own characteristics that sets itself apart from others. Julie Cross has impeccable writing and ‘eye’ for detail, which I just adored. Jackson, who seemed like a bit of a jerk at first, grew on me quickly and I really enjoyed learning more about his character and his true feelings. He seemed good at hiding what they were and it was nice to see a character like this go from closed off to a little more open to their emotions, especially a 19-year-old guy! I also really enjoyed Holly in both times. A very unique way to incorporate romance. Speaking of romance, it was gratifying and not too over the top. Jackson was a true guy, but knew when to take it slow and that was a really great aspect of the book. The synopsis of Tempest doesn’t come close to making clear the mystery and secrets that are revealed on Jackson’s journey!! Oh my goodness, there’s so many things that I was in awe of and like…”REALLY?!” The only thing I didn’t quite enjoy was in Jackson’s younger past, I never left those places fully satisfied. I was in tune with the details and times, I just hoped for a bit more in that department. Overall though, Tempest is a major page-turner and a must read! I can definitely see why there is a big fuss over this book. Review based on ARC

Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat

Pink Smog - Francesca Lia Block Pink Smog was not bad by any means. It wasn’t anything in particular or special…it just was. I was left completely unsatisfied. I really hoped for more out of this book, but then again, it is a prequel and the good stuff is the whole series, I’m sure. Weetize kept growing and growing into a young adult throughout the story, which I loved. She is just a normal, everyday teen, dealing with school bullies and a home-life gone array. I really felt that we could’ve have learned more about her though. I felt a little cut off by the end of the book. The characters outside of her family were weird and felt incomplete to me. There was no depth to them and I found myself continuously asking questions. I did however like the traveling around L.A. in this book. I grew up near L.A. and it was really fun reading about all the places Weetzie goes and thinking Hey, I’ve been there too! I also really enjoyed the writing. It was very clean and flowed nicely. I’m thinking that Pink Smog is a book to read after you’ve read -at least- the first Weetzie Bat (Dangerous Angels) book. I was just a bit lost and cut off by the end – I’m really not sure its worth picking up. But, if the Weetize Bat books are something you’ve already read, I would definitely give it a shot, as you might enjoy and understand it MUCH better than those who have not. Review based on ARC


Incarnate - Jodi Meadows I don't know where to start...maybe OMG will do for now! I really loved Incarnate. Such a fresh and exciting debut that's sure to knocks your socks off! Meadows writing is so unique. The detail is fascinating and it really helped set in stone the world Ana is from. The romance, world building and characters are to die for and I just couldn't get enough. The world of Range and Heart is so beautiful that I couldn't help but to fall in love with it, just as Ana does. Ana is a tough cookie, although it seems as if she's easily knocked down, she's not afraid to get back up. She has a passion for learning and figuring out why she's the only newsoul and how she replaced another soul. As she ventures to Heart, the main city, she meets the young and good looking Sam who makes her feel worthy of friendship, love, and life. Finally...a book that has a slow paced, realistic romance that buds from a strong friendship. I absolutely loved how Meadows brings Sam and Ana together. They stuck it out together and I have huge hopes for them in future books!! I've heard some folks were hoping for more out of the characters and the world, like what time period it was. I definitely see where they are coming from, but in Range years are not consecutive numbers, like 2012 and so on. There are years for specific things, such as The Year of the Songs. Like I *might* have mentioned before, Incarnate is so unique and exciting. It has quickly made its way to the top of my favorites and I can't wait to hear more from Jodi Meadows as well, a very talented writer!! Review based on ARC


Everneath - Brodi Ashton Jumping into Everneath was SO exciting, because after reading Sweet Venom I was really interested in more mythological reads. I have never heard of the Persephone story, but I quickly figured out that's what Brodi Ashton was retelling. Let me tell you this book was just beautiful! I absolutely LOVED it. Nikki is so unique and she really failed to believe in herself after a continuous string of bad choices...I think something the majority of us can relate to. She was incredibly realistic and this really helped make the mythology modern! In fact, I really enjoyed every character in the book. Each had a quality that you fell in love with, even though it sometimes seemed wrong. As for Cole and Jack...Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously. I'm not sure I can even put full sentences together for these two. I definitely felt for Nikki...talk about a tug-o-war! I reeeeally loved them both and Nikki's connection to each pulled my heart strings in every which way. I like that Everneath was written in alternative time frames, before and after the Feed. This made it impossible for me to pick a side, because you're getting both ends of the story at once. Definitely an interesting and unique way to write, but it still flowed and was very enjoyable. Ashton did a kick-butt job with creating the Everneath world and even though it seems like a scary place, you kind of want to take a stroll there just to see what's shakin'. I couldn't get enough and I soaked up every word of this book. Everneath has made its way to my favorites list. The crazy-shocker ending tore my heart out, and I CANNOT wait to read more! Review based on ARC

The Name of the Star (Shades of London)

The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson Rippermania. That’s all I have to say! I mean – doesn’t that draw you in already? This is why I was so excited to start The Name of the Star and I gotta tell ya…it was pretty awesome! I couldn’t learn enough about these murders and the ghostly happenings around Rory’s school. I loved Rory’s character. She was the subtly-strong type and getting to know her was a breeze, which allowed me to enjoy her story more! She was normal…besides the fact that she can see people who aren’t really there…or are they?! I really enjoyed that this book had a wide spectrum of friends and foe. There was never a dull moment! Maureen Johnson has fun with her writing, but knows when to get serious. I absolutely loved that she wasn’t afraid to write about the Ripper murders and even recreate them – in a way – but still leave out the gory details. Very tastefully done and I appreciate that…believe me I do! Johnson also knows how to keep a reader on the edge of their seats. I was about the pull my own hair out trying to figure out what the heck was going on!! One let down for me was the no-closure-relationship between Rory and Jerome. I loved the light romance, don’t get me wrong, but I would’ve liked to read more or even get some closure. Then again, the series isn’t over!! The Name of the Star is a must read for those who love suspense and mystery…oh and a bit of supernatural-ness! ;) It really was a pleasant and refreshing read. Definitely a book that should be nudged up to the top of your reading piles! Review based on ARC

Glow (Sky Chasers)

Glow (Sky Chasers) - Amy Kathleen Ryan I was thrilled when I received copies of Glow in my mailbox. I was on the fence about it from the start, but had hear a few great things on it and was pretty excited going into it. Unfortunately, it fell flat for me and there was just no saving it from being put on my “please don’t bother list”. Glow started off enthralling and really just a great storyline! I liked Kieran, Waverly, and Seth. It was fascinating to learn about life on the Empyrean and their main mission, which is occupying the New Earth. This is also the mission of the Empyrean’s twin ship, New Horizon. I quickly found that I didn’t really have a favorite character or aspect of the story. Each character had an annoying quality that had me pushing away. There was no real character connection for me and that’s a negative, because I feel its essential that I do so in order to enjoy it. Ryan’s writing is very unique and for the most part was clear and precise with good detail, but I noticed that I was still lost here and there. After the initial excitement though, the story became a bit too zig-zaggy and out of control for my taste. I felt as though there wasn’t a solid storyline for me to follow and there was way too many things going on. Overall, Glow was not one of my favorite books. It was a good read from time to time and I loved learning about the lifestyle aboard these space ships, but I felt it to be a little weird and too much for a single book. If you give it a shot, I would really love to read your thoughts, so please let me know where to find your review!

Descended by Blood

Descended by Blood (A Vampire Born Trilogy, #1) - Angeline Kace Descended by Blood was a refreshing new vampire story! It definitely had an awesome and unique twist that sets it apart from the many others out there. I’m just going to spit it out – I’m going into this Team Mirko all the way! ;) I really enjoyed the writing style. It was very simple, but detailed enough that there was no losing grip on what’s going on! I loved the twist on vampire legend and history. It was really interesting, because it was different enough that I was never comparing it to other vampire history that I’ve read about from other books. I was thoroughly absorbed in learning more about the Pijawika history. Although I loved many aspects of the story, I didn’t care too much for Brooke, the main character. I felt that there was nothing to relate to her about and sometimes she got on my nerves. I liked Jaren and Mirko much, much more! Mirko was especially a favorite and he’s one of those guys that is not afraid to hold back what he thinks, but melts your heart…the bad boy style. Does that make sense? Descended by Blood was fast paced and action packed! I was always on edge of figuring out what and who and how and so on! I think everyone should grab a copy of this book and read it as soon as possible. Great debut by Angeline Kace! I will be keeping my eyes open for her work in the future and, of course, continuing with this series.

Cold Kiss

Cold Kiss - Amy Garvey Very good! Review coming soon!

Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake I don’t even know if I have the words to express my feelings about Anna Dressed in Blood. Insanely awesome comes to mind first – but that just doesn’t cut it! I loved every single part of this book. Its definitely one of those reads that you are asking yourself why you love that part, because its just SO creepy. The writing was phenomenal and Cas had a very sarcastic voice. Sometimes I get thrown off when reading from a boy’s perspective, but with this book, it felt easy to see everything froms Cas’s point of view. He was very serious, but his humorous and sarcastic side shines through often. I think this was a really great balance to the creepiness! Cas is one of my favorite male lead characters, by far! I also really LOVED Anna. She was a sweet and sour case. The mystery and suspense was enough to keep me on edge the whole time I was reading. It was really different getting to know Anna and I liked that new kind of adventure. Kendare Blake knows how to keep a reader constantly coming back for more. The suspense held out until the last chapter and kept me guessing. This story was beyond what I thought could be imaginable. I’m a happy camper after reading this one and can’t wait for book two!!! Anna Dressed in Blood has easily made its way onto the top of my favorites list and I hope to see it does the same for many other readers. It was such a creepy read, but very interesting and the writing is flawless. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! If you don’t like imagining things in the dark, you better read it in the daylight! :P


XVI - Julia Karr Overall, I really enjoyed XVI! I had read many comments about the first half of the book being slow and readers not being able to get into it until chapters in. Well, for me it was great from the start. I was thoroughly interested and couldn’t wait to read more.

Nina Oberon is not ready to be sixteen and become an ‘adult’. She’s afraid of what that means, which is that sex is okay and happens all the time, according to the sex-teen giddy girls. But Nina’s is not okay with that! Just when she needs help with boys the most, her mom is murdered and Nina’s past is revealed in her mom’s last words. Nina is sent on a whirlwind of finding out who her father is and fending off her mother’s killer.

Nina’s grandparents take her and her little sister under their wing and Nina discovers that there are secrets her family hasn’t told her and she’s determined to find out. Nina meets a few new kids at school and not just friends, but people who can help her. Everything she discovers has its dangers and ones she may not be able to be saved from.

Nina’s best friend Sandy has joined the sex-teen bandwagon and although Nina dislikes it, she’s torn, because after all Sandy is her best girl friend. I thought Sandy was really annoying. I just wanted her to shut up and NOT act like a sex-crazed girl. I do, however, feel that Sandy brought meaning to what its like to be forced to basically be ‘branded for sex’ and if you go against everything it would make things more dangerous and I truly felt that she was just as brainwashed as the rest of the world. That’s why Nina stood out so much to me, she wasn’t just another brainwashed girl. She had feelings and thoughts of her own.

Mike and Derek, two of Nina’s closest friends, I felt weren’t a huge addition to the story, but I enjoyed their presence. Now, Sal is Mr. Hot Stuff, haha. Nina thinks she doesn’t like Sal, but I feel that it was always her being afraid. I loved that XVI didn’t have any steamy relationships, considering the overall concept of the book I thought it was just right.

This was one of my first dystopian novels and I’m glad I got into them, because this book has proven to me they are just as interesting, mysterious, and exciting as paranormal novels! XVI is a must read, so go pick it up!!

Witch Song

Witch Song - Amber Argyle Witch Song was a fun and adventurous read. Amber Argyle set herself and her story apart from any other witch based book. With Argyle’s simple, yet elegant writing style and a brand new fantasy world, this book was truly unique! Brusenna, who is not even a witchling, has taken over the responsibility to free fellow witches from the Dark Witch’s hold. Although her mother tried to protect her from her fate, Senna was still thrown into the middle of a war she had no idea existed. Considering her circumstances, she was strong-willed and determined to do it – the recipe for a great heroine! These witches aid the environment, but can also use nature to fight and defend. With seeds, oils and potions, they sing nature to life to help them. Of course, this relies heavily on the strength of their voices and Senna was constantly pushing and working to sing better and clearer and harder for her mother and other witches. Joshen is sent along with her and soon their friendship blossoms into something more. After longing and time apart, it only becomes more and more apparent. Definitely a light, sweet romance here! I loved Joshen’s character. He was kind and yet still strong enough to not break in their situation. Witch Song is fantasy and adventure at its best! The storyline was so seamless. There wasn’t a time I was asking questions or feeling as if something was missing. Everything about Witch Song seemed to set itself apart from others. I’m sure this is a book you’ll want to pick up if you’re into fantasy and adventure!

Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes - Jennifer Archer Through Her Eyes was a fantastically written story! The writing was easy and flowed and hooked me from page one. I loved the suspense and mystery weaved throughout. I was always on edge and couldn’t stop reading to discover the next piece of the puzzle! Tansy Piper’s mom, a famous horror author, moves their family (Tansy, her mom, and her Papa Dan) around often enough that Tansy has learned not to trust anyone and shields herself to any connections. Just when Tansy thought she’s had the best friend ever, they up and move again. She struggles with leaving her friend behind, but her friend soon betrays her and Tansy realizes just why she shouldn’t trust. I loved Tansy from the moment I met her. She had a quality about her that was real. Although she struggles with fitting in and getting along with the few kids in the tiny town of Cedar Canyon, Texas, she’s seems to be content as long as she has the strange tokens from the past—a pocket watch, a poetry journal, and a crystal—that she found in the property’s cellar. Tansy likes to take photographs and she discovers a ‘world’ behind the lens of her camera and soon finds her self thrust into the mind and past life of Henry, a troubled teen who resided at the same house Tansy just moved into. She becomes determined to work out the puzzle and clear the rumors about what has been said about Henry and his death. There was also a couple more characters that I absolutely loved. Bethyl Ann, for one, is a Shakespeare freak and a genius. Bethyl Ann is just as determined to figure out what really happened with Henry and help Tansy figure out what’s going on with her. Then there is Tate. Tate is kind of a hot and cold case that just gets off on the wrong foot, but Tansy can’t help but to feel attracted to him and beats herself up for it. The romance was light and at times I thought it was a bit weird. I was definitely a fan of the love interest in Tansy’s real life, though! Overall, you MUST read Through Her Eyes! Its a great story of sadness, anger, happiness, suspense, and finding out the truth no matter what.