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Glimmer - Phoebe Kitanidis When I first started Glimmer, I loved the concept and the character introductions. Unfortunately, as the story progressed it fell flat for me in multiple ways. Although the writing was great, the storyline and characters didn't live up to my expectations. Elyse and Marshall don't know who they are and how they even ended up with each other. Working backwards from that day, they find clues as to who they are. Once they have a slight grasp on their identity, Elyse and Marshall find an unusual pattern in the everyday lives of the people of Summer Falls. Soon they know that the town's secrets need to be released and that they have the power to change everything. I really wish I would have connected to Elyse, even the slightest bit. I just really disliked her. She came off as whiny and sullen and I just had no personal connection to her. On the other hand, Marshall is what kept me interested in the progressing storyline. He was an interesting guy, who had previously (before his current memories) been kind of the bad/mean boy. I think Marshall and Elyse were such a mismatched pair that the alternating narratives felt like too much. The paranormal and mystery twist Kitanidis throws us was cool, but the ghost/magic mix was weird and didn't flow together for me. I liked the overall concept proposed in the book, but I expected more from it. I also enjoyed the writing, which was crisp and clear. I found myself eating up the words, but was hoping along the way that I would have a spark of connection with the book or its characters. Sadly, that didn't happen and I was left dissatisfied when finished. Overall, Glimmer fell a little flat. Even though the writing was great, the characters and storyline didn't hit the nail on the head for me. If you are interested in ghosts and/or magic, I would recommend you try it out. You never know...you may enjoy it! For those who like: Magic, ghosts, unique stories, alternating narratives Source: Publisher (ARC)