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Slide - Jill Hathaway Slide was so far off from what I expected...in a good way. It was unique and mysterious, lined with a slight supernatural twist. I have to say, I really like the idea of "sliding" into someone else and seeing how others see things and although its a power I wouldn't want to possess, I loved reading about it. Vee keeps her sliding power quiet, mainly because she knows people might think she's crazy. Somehow the sliding effect is connected to touching personal items from others. But, now that she accidentally slid into a murderer's body, she's determined to find out who the killer is and solve the murder. Vee is led into a whirlwind of clues that may or may not be valid and putting together the pieces is harder than she thought. I got to hand it to Vee. She's not very fond of her ability and she can't seem to get rid of it, so she uses it in a way that helps her gain clues to Sophie's murder. She's equally strong and caring, however different those two characteristics may be. She was the nice girl who didn't care about gaining status by being rude to others, so I was definitely able to build a connection to her. Rollins is a reserved guy, regarding his home life, and Vee notices that he's been acting kind of odd. I liked that he was mysterious and weird. I think the group of characters definitely was the highlight of the book and each gave edge to the storyline. Jill Hathaway did an excellent job of seamlessly integrating the two emotions of Vee and whoever she's slides into. Obviously Vee is inside the person, but it was mind-boggling to be feeling what Vee is feeling AND what the other person feels. Overall, I really enjoyed the writing and that it was fast-paced. I would say that Slide is a must-read for everyone! It's mysterious and full of twists and puzzles. It kept me on edge and begging for the answers! It looks as though there will be a Slide series, so I am definitely looking forward to more from Jill Hathaway and the lovely Vee. For those who like: Light supernatural, murder mysteries Source: Publisher (ARC)