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Eve - Anna Carey WOW! Just wow...I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited going into Eve. All I knew was that is was dystopian with romance, but I got so much more from it! I immediately fell in love with the story and the characters. Anna Carey definitely knows how to wrap a reader up in a web of danger, romance and heartbreak. I just love it. Eve is excited to finally be graduating school and moving on to, what she hopes are bigger and better things. Unfortunately, The New America doesn't have the same hopes that she does and deciding to run away to find Califia, a safe haven, and free herself from the life chosen for her prevails above all else. But, school teaches her to never trust those outside of the compound and she struggles to do the right thing and have faith in herself to trust the right people. Eve was a little bit annoying in the beginning. I got the vibe that she thought was better than everyone else, which I think was the point. After her decision to leave, I was so surprised at her turn around. Her walls lowered and her true self shined through, which was a relief. It was hard not to root for Eve when she was put to the test! Another amazing character was Caleb...Oh. My. Goodness. I loved this boy. He was sweet and caring and his relationship with Eve was raw and realistic. The writing is fresh and stood out from the rest. Carey does an amazing job with the levels of trust and emotions Eve experiences along the way. The story never gets boring or dull. In addition to the many things that I love, is the fact that no one was perfect. Everyone had their flaws. This is very relatable and will make readers care for and connect to those in the story. Overall, I recommend Eve to anyone who is a fan of dystopian or just venturing into the dystopian genre. It is the epitome of a wonderful book. Its a journey unlike anything else and it will make you fall head over heels for Eve and Caleb. For those who like: Dystopian, empowering heroines, romance, action Source: Bought