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Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls)

Awake at Dawn - C.C. Hunter I loved Born at Midnight! It was a fresh idea and I really loved that this wasn't all about a human girl discovering vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings, she IS one. Talk about supernaturals all over the place! It was so fun to have so many in one book.

Kylie Galen feels kind of lost and unsure of who she is right now. Her parents are separating, her boyfriend breaks up with her for not putting out, she has a creepy soldier stalker (or is it a ghost), and she gets caught at a party with alcohol. After all the trouble, she's sent away to Shadow Falls Camp, a camp for 'troubled' teens. Thing is, these teens appear to be troubled, but not the normal kind of trouble. These kids are supernatural beings; vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies, shapeshifters, and ghost whisperers.

Kylie has always felt different, but she didn't think she was a freak like these kids, as she put it. Kylie soon realizes these teens are there to harness the powers they've acquired and for the most part want to try to live a normal life. As she begins to fit in, she sees the more human sides of the people around her and finally feels like maybe she's found a place to belong.

From the beginning of the book, Derek has made it obvious he's into Kylie, but being that she's not even sure where she's going she sloughs it off. Unfortunately for Kylie, the more Derek comes around the more attracted she is to him. Derek has a power that Kylie wonders is the cause for this attraction and therefore is never too trusting.

On the other hand, there's Lucas, the werewolf, who wants nothing to do with her. She remembers him from when they were young and has always thought him dangerous but alluring, but then again he's not acting interested...

I loved getting to know Kylie, Della and Miranda (her vampire and witch roomies). This story was funny, sad, and suspenseful. It kept me on edge, trying to figure out who Kylie is and how she’s supposed to control and use her powers. I do admit that the real conflict was late to get going. I would have liked to see it sooner in the book.

The writing was easy to follow and not in the way of the story. Overall I thought Born at Midnight rocked and was definitely a fun and mysterious read!