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Dreamland (Riley Bloom)

Dreamland - Alyson Noel There is no doubt about how well written the Riley Bloom series is! That is the main thing I loved since the first book. Unfortunately this series has a track record (in my opinion) of being a little boring. In terms of creativity, Dreamland exceeded the previous books and I was really happy about that! Riley Bloom is stuck at 12-years-old and she wants nothing more than to accomplish something great in hopes of "growing up" and finally turning 13. With her continued rule-defying attitude, she sets off on yet another adventure, this time weaving dreams for those still alive. Again, she bites off more than she can chew and this time she's all alone in getting herself out of trouble. Riley is still very childish in this book, although there are hints that she's ready to "grow up". She needed to realize there's some things she can't change and to allow herself mature and go with the flow. She's still very funny and keeps that spontaneous nature that is loveable about her. The dreamweaving concept was so unique, I just adored it! It was a fun way to put it and I think younger readers will get absorbed into the staging and filming and crew members. Noel knows how to write in such vivid detail, that its really a Dreamland, ha! :P Overall, much better than the first book and along the same lines as book two. The adventure is not as constant in this book, but the reader's attention is easily grabbed by other creative and fun happenings. Definitely a book I would recommend to younger readers and/or to anyone looking for a quick read. For those who like: Fantasy, middle grade, cute storylines, the afterlife Source: Publisher - thank you!