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Thumped - Megan McCafferty When I first started the Bumped series, I thought it was weird and I probably wouldn't like it...I was so wrong. I ended up loving the first book and it was no different for Thumped! It was funny and fast-paced and kept me on my toes the entire length. Harmony is back living in Goodside, trying to make right some of the things she's done as of late. But, turning things around that she doesn't regret in the first place is a lot tougher than she would have liked. Meanwhile, Melody is busy selling the baby story to the world and what she really needs to do is spit out the truth...sooner rather than later. Everything seems to be crashing down on the girls and getting through this ordeal is harder than everyone imagined! I loved the relationship between the sisters, Melody and Harmony, in this sequel. Their bond has grown so much since the first book and I appreciate that, because it was relatable to a lot of people. Harmony was much less annoying than before and I am so happy of her growth. The supporting characters were also really important in Thumped and I absolutely loved them! If you've read Bumped, you've already been introduced to Jondoe, Zen, and Ram. I loved getting to know each character more, especially Zen and Ram. Megan throws some twists and turns at the reader, again, in book two! It's like the book of secrets and surprises. The concept is so creepy, yet its put in a funny kind of context. However, this book took things a little more seriously and that was a much needed change. Thumped is such a fun book and hard to put down once you start! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loved good humor and a fast-paced storyline. For those who like: Humor, fast-paced, cute love Source: Publisher (ARC)