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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3)

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

I had no idea what to except when picking up Mockingjay. I didn’t know where the story would go or who we would meet this time. I loved that mystery and the fact that it wasn’t predictable! It made for a better adventure and more of a roller coaster ride, but still keeping those little things we absolutely love.

Katniss’s new life consists of getting used to the ways of District 13 and being the main face of the now outspoken rebellion. A rebellion that has previously killed many people, and Katniss feels responsible. She wants to give people the freedom they wish for and to get Peeta back, but in doing so making the Capitol angrier is inevitable.

Katniss is such an awesome and dynamic heroine. She’s one of those heroines that girls look up to and that makes The Hunger Games series even more important to a lot of readers! She’s smart and strong and ready to take on challenges handed to her no matter the cost she might pay. There weren’t many new characters added, which was okay, because there was so much more to learn about the ones introduced in the previous book. I really enjoyed that.

Like I’ve stated in previous reviews, I love that this series is written in more of a live-diary style. There is dialogue, but less than most novels. For me, I can connect with Katniss on more of an emotional level, which is really important and just another reason why this series is a big favorite of mine! The writing is exceptional and the storyline is unique and action-packed. Something you should definitely not overlook!

For anyone who hasn’t read the series, start now! I can say the same for readers who haven’t picked up Mockingjay yet. Its an epic story and something you shouldn’t pass up. You will laugh, fight, and cry with Katniss throughout all of her challenges, relationships, and personal conflict. I can’t recommend it enough!

For those who like: Dystopian, action, adventure/survival, strong heroines
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