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Witch Song

Witch Song - Amber Argyle Witch Song was a fun and adventurous read. Amber Argyle set herself and her story apart from any other witch based book. With Argyle’s simple, yet elegant writing style and a brand new fantasy world, this book was truly unique! Brusenna, who is not even a witchling, has taken over the responsibility to free fellow witches from the Dark Witch’s hold. Although her mother tried to protect her from her fate, Senna was still thrown into the middle of a war she had no idea existed. Considering her circumstances, she was strong-willed and determined to do it – the recipe for a great heroine! These witches aid the environment, but can also use nature to fight and defend. With seeds, oils and potions, they sing nature to life to help them. Of course, this relies heavily on the strength of their voices and Senna was constantly pushing and working to sing better and clearer and harder for her mother and other witches. Joshen is sent along with her and soon their friendship blossoms into something more. After longing and time apart, it only becomes more and more apparent. Definitely a light, sweet romance here! I loved Joshen’s character. He was kind and yet still strong enough to not break in their situation. Witch Song is fantasy and adventure at its best! The storyline was so seamless. There wasn’t a time I was asking questions or feeling as if something was missing. Everything about Witch Song seemed to set itself apart from others. I’m sure this is a book you’ll want to pick up if you’re into fantasy and adventure!