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Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes - Jennifer Archer Through Her Eyes was a fantastically written story! The writing was easy and flowed and hooked me from page one. I loved the suspense and mystery weaved throughout. I was always on edge and couldn’t stop reading to discover the next piece of the puzzle! Tansy Piper’s mom, a famous horror author, moves their family (Tansy, her mom, and her Papa Dan) around often enough that Tansy has learned not to trust anyone and shields herself to any connections. Just when Tansy thought she’s had the best friend ever, they up and move again. She struggles with leaving her friend behind, but her friend soon betrays her and Tansy realizes just why she shouldn’t trust. I loved Tansy from the moment I met her. She had a quality about her that was real. Although she struggles with fitting in and getting along with the few kids in the tiny town of Cedar Canyon, Texas, she’s seems to be content as long as she has the strange tokens from the past—a pocket watch, a poetry journal, and a crystal—that she found in the property’s cellar. Tansy likes to take photographs and she discovers a ‘world’ behind the lens of her camera and soon finds her self thrust into the mind and past life of Henry, a troubled teen who resided at the same house Tansy just moved into. She becomes determined to work out the puzzle and clear the rumors about what has been said about Henry and his death. There was also a couple more characters that I absolutely loved. Bethyl Ann, for one, is a Shakespeare freak and a genius. Bethyl Ann is just as determined to figure out what really happened with Henry and help Tansy figure out what’s going on with her. Then there is Tate. Tate is kind of a hot and cold case that just gets off on the wrong foot, but Tansy can’t help but to feel attracted to him and beats herself up for it. The romance was light and at times I thought it was a bit weird. I was definitely a fan of the love interest in Tansy’s real life, though! Overall, you MUST read Through Her Eyes! Its a great story of sadness, anger, happiness, suspense, and finding out the truth no matter what.