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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake I don’t even know if I have the words to express my feelings about Anna Dressed in Blood. Insanely awesome comes to mind first – but that just doesn’t cut it! I loved every single part of this book. Its definitely one of those reads that you are asking yourself why you love that part, because its just SO creepy. The writing was phenomenal and Cas had a very sarcastic voice. Sometimes I get thrown off when reading from a boy’s perspective, but with this book, it felt easy to see everything froms Cas’s point of view. He was very serious, but his humorous and sarcastic side shines through often. I think this was a really great balance to the creepiness! Cas is one of my favorite male lead characters, by far! I also really LOVED Anna. She was a sweet and sour case. The mystery and suspense was enough to keep me on edge the whole time I was reading. It was really different getting to know Anna and I liked that new kind of adventure. Kendare Blake knows how to keep a reader constantly coming back for more. The suspense held out until the last chapter and kept me guessing. This story was beyond what I thought could be imaginable. I’m a happy camper after reading this one and can’t wait for book two!!! Anna Dressed in Blood has easily made its way onto the top of my favorites list and I hope to see it does the same for many other readers. It was such a creepy read, but very interesting and the writing is flawless. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! If you don’t like imagining things in the dark, you better read it in the daylight! :P