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Everneath - Brodi Ashton Jumping into Everneath was SO exciting, because after reading Sweet Venom I was really interested in more mythological reads. I have never heard of the Persephone story, but I quickly figured out that's what Brodi Ashton was retelling. Let me tell you this book was just beautiful! I absolutely LOVED it. Nikki is so unique and she really failed to believe in herself after a continuous string of bad choices...I think something the majority of us can relate to. She was incredibly realistic and this really helped make the mythology modern! In fact, I really enjoyed every character in the book. Each had a quality that you fell in love with, even though it sometimes seemed wrong. As for Cole and Jack...Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously. I'm not sure I can even put full sentences together for these two. I definitely felt for Nikki...talk about a tug-o-war! I reeeeally loved them both and Nikki's connection to each pulled my heart strings in every which way. I like that Everneath was written in alternative time frames, before and after the Feed. This made it impossible for me to pick a side, because you're getting both ends of the story at once. Definitely an interesting and unique way to write, but it still flowed and was very enjoyable. Ashton did a kick-butt job with creating the Everneath world and even though it seems like a scary place, you kind of want to take a stroll there just to see what's shakin'. I couldn't get enough and I soaked up every word of this book. Everneath has made its way to my favorites list. The crazy-shocker ending tore my heart out, and I CANNOT wait to read more! Review based on ARC