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Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat

Pink Smog - Francesca Lia Block Pink Smog was not bad by any means. It wasn’t anything in particular or special…it just was. I was left completely unsatisfied. I really hoped for more out of this book, but then again, it is a prequel and the good stuff is the whole series, I’m sure. Weetize kept growing and growing into a young adult throughout the story, which I loved. She is just a normal, everyday teen, dealing with school bullies and a home-life gone array. I really felt that we could’ve have learned more about her though. I felt a little cut off by the end of the book. The characters outside of her family were weird and felt incomplete to me. There was no depth to them and I found myself continuously asking questions. I did however like the traveling around L.A. in this book. I grew up near L.A. and it was really fun reading about all the places Weetzie goes and thinking Hey, I’ve been there too! I also really enjoyed the writing. It was very clean and flowed nicely. I’m thinking that Pink Smog is a book to read after you’ve read -at least- the first Weetzie Bat (Dangerous Angels) book. I was just a bit lost and cut off by the end – I’m really not sure its worth picking up. But, if the Weetize Bat books are something you’ve already read, I would definitely give it a shot, as you might enjoy and understand it MUCH better than those who have not. Review based on ARC