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Kiss Me Kill Me (Scarlett Wakefield Series)

Kiss Me Kill Me  - Lauren Henderson Kiss Me Kill Me has a way of sucking you into its shocking storyline right off the bat. It starts off with a ‘be careful what you wish for’ type of introduction, which I found funny and a good way to get the reader interested. I kept all interest in the story and suddenly I had about 5 pages left and I was thinking how they could possibly wrap it up in a couple of pages. Well I was left hanging and not a good hanging, it was sort of a boring ending. Not at all what you would have expected from previous chapters.

Scarlett Wakefield was easy to relate to. She has her flaws, just like everyone else, and she’s not afraid to admit them, but she also wishes they were gone. She has a huge crush on Dan McAndrews and then she finally gets a chance to talk to him when Plum and Nadia, the school’s queen bees, invite her to hang out with them and Scarlett ditches her best friends for popularity. So far what she’s wished for has come true and she’s wondering if kissing Dan will too.

Scarlett tries so hard to fit in, but she felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb and to make it worse, Dan dies after kissing her. She thinks she’s done something awful and Plum won’t let her off the hook. She’s expelled from her old school, St. Tabby’s, and transfers to her grandmother’s private school Wakefield Hall. Scarlett has no friends, which is good because no one will know her secret. Only she gets a note that throws everything off and now she’s on a hunt to find out who left it and how they know.

I really loved the light adventure in the book, but I was really let down by the end. I would have liked to see more than just the ‘note dilemma’ get wrapped up. I was a bit upset after finishing, because it was almost as if pages were missing. But, with that said, I will definitely be reading the next in the series, Kisses and Lies. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a decent quick read!