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Tempest: A Novel

Tempest - Julie Cross Tempest starts off with a bang and never slows down! Its such a unique book and I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. I always like books about time travel and each has its own characteristics that sets itself apart from others. Julie Cross has impeccable writing and ‘eye’ for detail, which I just adored. Jackson, who seemed like a bit of a jerk at first, grew on me quickly and I really enjoyed learning more about his character and his true feelings. He seemed good at hiding what they were and it was nice to see a character like this go from closed off to a little more open to their emotions, especially a 19-year-old guy! I also really enjoyed Holly in both times. A very unique way to incorporate romance. Speaking of romance, it was gratifying and not too over the top. Jackson was a true guy, but knew when to take it slow and that was a really great aspect of the book. The synopsis of Tempest doesn’t come close to making clear the mystery and secrets that are revealed on Jackson’s journey!! Oh my goodness, there’s so many things that I was in awe of and like…”REALLY?!” The only thing I didn’t quite enjoy was in Jackson’s younger past, I never left those places fully satisfied. I was in tune with the details and times, I just hoped for a bit more in that department. Overall though, Tempest is a major page-turner and a must read! I can definitely see why there is a big fuss over this book. Review based on ARC