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Sapphire Blue (Ruby Red)

Sapphire Blue (Precious Stone Trilogy, #2) - Kerstin Gier I was so excited when I started reading Ruby Red! I had read multiple comments about how good it was and I was definitely not let down! I loved this book, the story and how unique it was. Kerstin Gier added so many details (so many) that you would never think of thinking about. All the details and little things added up created a whole new experience for me as a reader. Gwyneth is just an ordinary girl who finds out she’s so much more than ordinary. Her cousin, Charlotte, is thought to be the one who most recently got the time-travel gene. Charlotte that thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips…and more. When Gwyneth starts time-traveling and takes Charlotte’s place, the family matters blow up and Gwyneth has to learn the art of traveling in rushed time. I loved that Gwyneth was still just a normal girl who had a weird gift. She didn’t get conceited at all, so it made it easy to relate to her throughout the book. I also really loved the all of the other characters. Like I said, the details were absolutely amazing, so it felt as if everyone could have been a true person. I think I may want to read it all over again! I’m a sucker for romance, but when I found there isn’t much at all in Ruby Red, I was surprisingly okay with this. I think this is because the world and environment Gier created is too awesome! The reader can’t help but to be absorbed by the details and the history of the travelers and Guardians. I was basically excited the whole time – not a bad thing though! I suggest everyone read Ruby Red. It was a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait for the second book!!