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Ten Miles Past Normal

Ten Miles Past Normal - Frances O'Roark Dowell Ten Miles Past Normal was a quick and fun read, but I found that it was boring at times. There was very little dialogue, though when there was any, it was mostly funny. The writing was great and clear and I found myself giggling and heartbroken along the way.

Janie just wants to blend in at school. She convinces herself that she doesn't need any new friends. After a few humiliating events, she just wants people NOT to notice her at all. I felt so sorry for her, because high school, as her mom said multiple times, is supposed to be a good time in someone's life. She felt alone and couldn't help but to think it was her fault, after all, she requested that they move to a mini-farm in the first place!

Then Janie and her best friend Sarah finally get the chance to talk to Jeremy, the cute Jam Band kid. Without any musical talent, Janie and Sarah decide to join Jam Band and along the way meet Monster (yeah, that's his real name ;)) and very talented musician who makes Janie feel special.

Janie and Sarah, while working on a school project, find out that a local named Harlan Pritchard played a big role in a historical event. Then they go off on a sort of adventure, along with Sarah's older sister Emma (who is the wild child), to uncover the real stories and bring light to these heroes!

I really loved the characters is this story. Everyone added a different aspect to it and they were all fun to learn about. My favorite was Monster. He was mature, but fun and made Janie feel like she didn't just blend into the wall and go unoticed.

I loved the little adventures and self-discoveries Janie has throughout the book, but I just couldn't get past the dragging on of the first person point-of-view. I would have enjoyed more dialogue and feel that it could've added much more to the novel and broken up the monotonous vibe! Bottom line is that I feel it is a good, quick read, but nothing out of the ordinary.