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See What I See

See What I See - Gloria Whelan See What I See is a great story about acceptance and never losing sight of your dreams even if they get put on hold or things get complicated. Kate is an aspiring painter who decides to move in with her estranged father while she attends art school. Kate hasn’t seen her father and famous painter, Dalton Quinn, for years after he chooses work over her mother and herself. When Kate shows up at Dalton’s home he immediately wants her to leave and hates that she’s there. What seems like a terrible and negative relationship slowly turns into acceptance when Kate offers Dalton her aid…as long as she keeps her distance. I relate to Kate and her relationship to her father, so the book really caught me. Although my story is not identical to Kate’s, I was still able to take in the message of not allowing yourself to waste energy on negative feelings toward another and to accept it. “It is what it is”…right? However, even though I connected deeply with the relationships in the book, it left me hanging at the end, which was disappointing! I would have liked to see things get wrapped up, instead I was asking myself the “what ifs” and “what nows”. Overall though, I really enjoyed it!