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Priscilla the Great

Priscilla the Great - Sybil Nelson I honestly thought that Priscilla the Great was going to be totally goofy and I would enjoy it but it would be just a side read…NO WAY! Well yes it was goofy, but in the best and funniest way possible! Once I started it there was no stopping me. It was an awesome book! Priscilla was a fun character! I loved that she’s that shy kind of girl that thinks she’s probably an outcast and add in that she’s hotter than Hades – literally – and assassins are out to kill her doesn’t help the situation. Priscilla is a kick-butt 7th grader who’s got the best sense of humor and wits, which she uses to get out of any situation. Priscilla has one older brother who sings Christina Aguilera all the time and two crazy little twin brothers. Her dad is a stay-at-home dad and her mom has an ‘important’ job which causes her to always be away from home and Priscilla is so angry at her. But, when Priscilla finds out what she is and her best friend Tai can’t find answers or explain what’s happening, things seem to go downhill and Priscilla is captured by creepy doctors! Her family comes together and she finds out secrets that she didn’t think were possible. I couldn’t stop reading, it was definitely a page turner! I couldn’t help but to connect to Priscilla, because I was wishing I was as awesome as she was when I was in 7th grade! I also laughed out loud multiple times. This books was witty and fun and I recommend it to all ages!