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Original Sin (Personal Demons)

Original Sin - Lisa Desrochers Lisa Desrochers is pure genius. I don’t think I can muster up the words to express how much I loved and enjoyed reading Original Sin. The Personal Demons series is smokin’ hot and a must read for YA lovers! Original Sin makes you feel sad, happy, angry, shocked, and excited all in one book! Lisa’s writing is truly amazing and I felt every word and scene as the characters did. I’m team Luc all the way, but when Gabe left Frannie it was sad, because she loves Gabe too. Although Frannie knows that nothing can come between her and Luc, she still has that connection to Gabe and she feels as if there is a piece of her missing. I really enjoy the emotion Lisa brought into Original Sin. You feel more of the sadness and pain than you do in the first book, and although you don’t WANT sadness and pain, it adds so much to Luc and Frannie’s incredible journey. A couple new characters are introduced. There is Lili, a shy and reserved type of girl who moves into Luc’s neighborhood, and Rhenorian, a demon set on bringing Luc back to Hell. Then there is Frannie’s new guardian angel, whose name must not be spoken of because it will spoil the first book. This angel is happy to be helping Frannie and Luc…or maybe just Frannie, until he meets Lili and even he can’t seem to focus on what his duties are. I loved all the characters, new and old, in this book. There were plenty of demons and I love how they are described in such detail…so much I feel like I am in the book facing them myself! Sometimes I think its hard to picture a character as the author would see them, but when it is done with Lisa’s precision, its perfecto! I also don’t know if I’ve mentioned that Luc is totally hot *swoon*. I’m a sucker for bad boys and if you were team Gabe in Personal Demons, I think that Original Sin will give you a run for your money…well part of the book anyways, just wait until the second half!! Original Sin is filled with steamy relationships, crazy twists, action, and shocking outcomes. I really rate this book a million stars out of 5, haha, but 5 is all I can fit! I CAN’T wait for the next book and I hope you YA lovers pick up your copy of Personal Demons and Original Sin (releases July 5, 2011)!!!