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My Life Undecided

My Life Undecided - Jessica Brody Jessica Brody knows how to bring the fun! I was giggling like crazy throughout this entire book. My Life Undecided was just overall a fun read! Although it was humorous and hit the spot, it was also heart breaking. It just captures everything about a real teen’s life and the essence of decision making. Whether the decisions are just everyday ones or huge ones, it doesn’t matter. They all play a roll in how things play out and this seemed to be the overall concept here. Brody has a crisp writing style and it plays along with the story so well that I actually got lost in Brooklyn’s world! Brooklyn is quite the fun character. She’s in style and up to date on the latest trends. She’s popular and has a best girlfriend who has all the same interests…boys and fashion. That’s all until she makes a very bad decision to throw an awesome party in her mom’s model home, which goes awry. Brooklyn ends up getting into major trouble. She up and decides her decisions will be managed by her blog followers. I can’t tell you how many times the narration from Brooklyn made me laugh…out loud. By myself. She was full of awesome and spunk. She wasn’t afraid to go through with the decisions her blog followers made. Along the way she meets cute boys, Hunter and Brian. Hunter I wasn’t really a fan of. He was too bad bad boy for me, as in he didn’t make a good bad boy, haha! On the other hand, Brian, was the dorky-friend-type guy I fell for from the start. My Life Undecided is about learning from mistakes and taking all things into consideration. There’s consequences and rewards, it comes with the territory of growing up. I loved the overall message here and it was written in such a fun way, there’s no way you’d be bored! Romance plays a small role and (even though I love me some romance) I liked it that way. I liked that the focus was on Brooklyn’s adventures and mishaps. I suggest this book to anyone who wants a fantastically funny read! I hope you all can get your paws on a copy and…guess what?! You have a chance to win my copy below!