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The Forgetting Curve (Memento Nora)

The Forgetting Curve - Angie Smibert I thought that Memento Nora had so much potential and I liked the overall concept of the book. Unfortunately for me, it was somewhat boring at times and predictable. I really enjoyed the writing style, but the characters and everything else was mediocre.

Nora witnesses a terrifying explosion on the city streets and she's encouraged to go to TFC, the Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic, where she'll talk to someone about what happened and take the magic erasing pill. But she runs into Micah, the nearly homeless skater kid, who's got Memento written on his broken arm's cast. She decides she's going to remember, at first not for herself, but just because she thought that's what she should do.

Nora and Micah then become friends and start to draw and write out a comic book with their stories and what they've seen. I really enjoyed this part of the story, because it was a way for them to express themselves and go against everything they are encouraged to do.

I wasn't a fan of Nora and her 'glossy' self, but she changed for the better once she made friends with Micah. I thought she was still just a bit dull, though. Eventually I saw the strength that she had to actually do what her and Micah did.

I really disliked the ending of the story. I would have liked to get further closure and it just wasn't what I expected. Overall, though, I enjoyed reading Memento Nora and I would recommend it to my readers as a quick read!