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Luminous - Dawn Metcalf Going into Luminous was exciting for me, because it was a unique concept. They storyline was very intriguing and I think my hopes were just too high. It was definitely not my type of book and at times I felt it was awkward. Dawn Metcalf’s writing is very different and for the most part I enjoyed her beautiful and dark descriptions. However, sometimes I felt like it was too dark and I never saw the light. I don’t ever remember feeling emotions like happiness, calmness, etc. It was always anger or sadness. I feel like this is a huge drawback for me, because a book shouldn’t leave a you as a downer Debby! Consuela was an odd character. I liked that she was real and down to Earth. She cared very much for her family and eventually was torn between the Flow and home. Diversity played a key roll in Luminous. I enjoyed the different perspectives and customs of each character, but I wish we could’ve learned more…or maybe I did, but I was a bit confused by it. The plot was quite random and I felt like I was always trying to take a step back to figure out if I missed something. It’s so disappointing that it was hard to follow. I really wanted to like this book! Overall, Luminous had SO much potential, but I just don’t think it got there. If you are a fearless reader and feel you can see the light, I encourage you check it out. It is a very interesting and unique story.