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I Don't Remember You

I Don't Remember You - Stephanie Lennox I Don’t Remember You was definitely not what I expected. I’ve never read a book about gay/lesbian teens and I was glad that the opportunity came to me! To be honest I was a bit nervous going into it, afraid I wouldn’t like it or I would be uncomfortable with some things. But, Stephanie Lennox has a skillful technique to her writing that helped me understand and not feel uncomfortable. I enjoyed the story and the characters were realistic, especially Jasmine. Jasmine just moved to a new town with her widowed father, mainly because of her ‘issue’ of being a lesbian. It’s not a problem for her, but other people can’t seem to cope. Of course trying to live a somewhat normal life is much harder than she anticipated. When the bullying begins, but Jasmine finds shelter with Becca. Things go smoothly for a while, but as they become better friends people think that they are a couple. When Becca’s accident erases her memories Jasmine is ripped apart, but getting Becca to remember is the least of her worries. Becca’s mom has a vicious plan of action and it seems like getting back everything she once had is impossible. I liked that I Don’t Remember You wasn’t concentrated on the bullying (though from the mom the bullying did play a big role). I mean that it was all about their relationship and love and when you have that it doesn’t matter what other people think. Although the characters and relationships were realistic, I felt like it was written too strongly. It was way too fast a pace, feeling a bit rushed. It would have been that much better if it had been at a slower pace. Becca’s religious mother set a good example for how gay and lesbian individuals are treated. She’s anything but GOOD, she’s actually horrendous and awful. Being that she is religious there are points brought up about being gay means you are a sinner and you’re not meant to live. They breathe and feel the same things as any other and I think Lennox did a good job incorporating these issues. Overall, I Don’t Remember You has tasteful romance and shocking truths. I enjoyed reading it and I think it is a good read for anyone who’s looking for a contemporary story about love, keeping strong, and finding your true self and meaning.