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The Fortune of Carmen Navarro

The Fortune of Carmen Navarro - Jennifer Fisher Bryant The Fortune of Carmen Navarro was a good read, but I definitely felt like there was something missing. I read this book in two days, because I was just waiting to find out that Carmen was a gypsy with a supernatural power of seduction or something like that! But, in the end that was not the case and it just fell flat for me. Don’t get me wrong though the storyline is actually very good and different, being that it is based on an opera. So, if you are looking for a supernatural twist, this is not the book for you. I really loved that this book was written in the perspectives of four people: Carmen, Ryan, Will, and Maggie. This was great because I never got bored and I got to venture into each of their personal lives. Carmen is a sexy and beautiful girl who is half-gypsy. According to her best friend and ‘sister’, Maggie, all the guys flock to her and she uses them for a short time and moves on. I actually liked Carmen and that may be because she’s full of life and likes to have fun. Carmen has a band called The Gypsy Lovers. She gets all her ideas and writes her songs based on her relationships. When Ryan and Will, cadets from the near-by military academy, visit the Quikmart where Carmen works, she writes a song about Ryan. Ryan is shy and cute and Carmen of course decides to reel him into her ‘web’. Ryan is a straight-A student that studies hard and when he feels so connected with her he wants to forget about school. Then there’s a twist, but I’m definitely not telling you what that is! I will tell you that Ryan loves Carmen and things get too serious, too quickly. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, but it was just a side read, not one to absorb all your attention! A good quick read. :)