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Dark Eden

Dark Eden - Patrick Carman Dark Eden is one of the most exciting and thrilling reads of the year. I enjoyed the simplistic writing style and the dark and mysterious essence. Patrick Carman knows how to grab the reader in an intense and interesting story about teens who have phobias and a cure they’ll never forget. I absolutely loved the main character Will Besting. His voice was quirky and cute, but definitely serious and his phobia wasn’t taken lightly. I surprisingly liked the seven teens involved in the cure. I feel that it wasn’t too far fetched to relate to each on different levels. They have these fears and phobias of things I’ve never been concerned about and it brings to light that this happens and its serious. I couldn’t help but to feel as if I was Will and trying to survive in this creepy place in the middle of nowhere. One of the best things about Dark Eden is the psychological aspect, which was realistic. Everything was written with precision and detail that seeps under your skin and haunts you – in a good way! There were a few things that made me wonder if the book would have been that much better if it was laid out differently. I think if the final chapters were thrown in between the main storyline it could’ve taken it one step further with suspense and mystery. It depends on the reader, but some will really enjoy the crazy ending and some will side with me on this one. Overall, this book is a very mysterious read and I haven’t come across a novel quite like it. I think the intensity made it creepy, but awesome. I loved every moment of this book and its still with me. The final chapters boggled my mind – definitely a read you’ll never forget!