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Bloodspell - Amalie Howard I enjoyed this new take of the supernatural world filled with danger and romance! Amalie Howard's Bloodspell showed me a brand new take on a world full of vampires and witches and what is forbidden by the laws. I initially expected it to be all about witches, but was pleasantly surprised that it mixes with vampires!

Bloodspell started off slow and got more interesting when I learned more about Victoria and her abilities. Howard knows how to intertwine the supernatural with the feelings of a normal everyday girl. Tori is overwhelmed and doesn't want what she was born with. I think that Tori was easy to relate to on the level of unexpectedly finding friendship and love in a new place. She's unsure of everything when she finds out her family history turns out to be bizarre and dangerous and Tori has to learn to overcome to darkness she possesses. I loved that Tori had a dark side, no not evil, but something she had to overcome within herself.

Christian was definitely attractive at points in the story. I didn't like him most of the time. He acts as though he owns Tori, although his real intentions were just to protect her from the other vampires seeking Le Sang Noir. Their relationship is essentially forbidden and can result in death and exile—something unbearable for both of them. The romance to me was bitter-sweet because at times I just didn't like Christian.

On the other hand though I loved the fantasy world. I loved the vampire council and Lucian (Christian angry brother). I most of all loved the complicated relationship that Tori and Christian have. They are true to each other although everyone else wants them apart.

Read this book! It is a good summer read for those paranormal romance lovers. I think you will like the new things Amalie Howard has incorporated into the supernatural/vampire-witch world.