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Shimmer (Riley Bloom)

Shimmer - Alyson Noel Shimmer was so much better than Radiance. I was a bit skeptical coming into it because Radiance disappointed me so much. All in all though, it turned out to be a good read with underlying messages and lessons that younger readers can take with them. Fortunately, Shimmer was much more adventurous and I enjoyed that Riley was working on her judgmental attitude, but eventually figured it was going to be harder that she anticipated. I found that Riley was easier to relate to in this novel! Riley is still very spontaneous and when she comes across a mean and ginormous black dog, she decides she’s going to get him to cross over the bridge into the Here & Now. Riley and Bodhi, along with her dog, Buttercup, are thrown into a dangerous situation and its up to Riley and her new appreciation for positive thinking to get everyone out of trouble. There were a couple new characters introduced to us in Shimmer. First we meet Rebecca who was mudered in 1733 during a slave revolt. As a result, she’s extremely angry and has been dedicated to trapping souls of the slaves involved. We also meet Prince Kanta, who was brought to Rebecca’s father’s plantation. The prince has come from royalty to slavery and meets Riley, who is of course willing to help. Overall, I enjoyed this sequel. I think it is a fantastic read for the younger audiences and much more adventurous than the first!