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Miles from Ordinary: A Novel

Miles from Ordinary: A Novel - Carol Lynch Williams Carol Lynch Williams is definitely standing out by entering the reality of what its like to live and take care of someone who is mentally ill. I thought Miles From Ordinary was such a deep story that turned out quite surprising actually. I loved that I was expecting one thing and I was taken on another path. I feel that the unique twists and turns in the story signify how hard it really is to be Lacey, a 13-year-old girl taking care of her sick mother. Lacey is strong on the outside and made it look like a breeze to take care of someone who is supposed to be taking care of her. But the further into her thoughts you go, the more you understand the pain and hardship she’s going through. Lacey and her mom, Angela, just picked up new jobs in town and Lacey hopes her mom won’t freak out and she might have a chance at meeting friends and having a normal summer. Unfortunately, things don’t happen the way she hopes and Lacey has to frantically search for her mom before something awful happens. At times it was hard for me to get a grip on what was happening and I think its because it was written using a southern style (or so I imagined). It was also hard for me to keep track of what was present and past, because it breaks into past times a lot! I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this author, but she really put it out there. Miles From Ordinary was raw and very emotional. I agree that Williams knows how to get into the heart of a girl who’s struggling with her mom alongside her own problems and feelings.