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Radiance - Alyson Noel I have to admit I was disappointed in this quick novel. I was excited to pick it up being that it sounded like an adventure! It turned out boring at times and I found it hard to push through. It was a very easy read though, as it is targeting 'tweens'.

Riley is 12 years old and didn't quite make it to 13. She feels alive—actually quite alive at that—but there's just one problem. She's dead as dead can be. She now resides in the Here & Now. Riley was called into the council and stuck with the job of Soul Catching, which is to bring 'ghosts' over the bridge from the Earth Plane to the Here & Now.

Riley was kind of funny and definitely a bit too judgmental. She also has her dog, Buttercup, hanging out with her and she's guided by a greasy haired nerd named Bodhi. Riley and Bodhi don't seem to get along at all and it started to get a bit annoying. I found myself hoping Riley would give up the judgmental act and get over it.

It was an interesting concept and I really loved that it was a witty ghost adventure, but it just didn't live up to what was expected and maybe hype is to blame. I really wish I would've enjoyed Radiance more!

If you don't like books that target a younger teen audience, I don't suggest this book to you. If you are a parent looking for a paranormal adventure for your child, I think it would be a good one to pick up.