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Die for Me (Revenants)

Die for Me - Amy Plum Die for Me is such a fresh and fantastic debut! I'm going to start off my defending this amazing story against all the claims that it is very 'Twilight'. Totally not true, I promise. I came across one thing about the love interest watching/following the main character, but then again I don't believe Twilight claimed that. Please give this book a try if you have doubts, because its definitely not what you'd expect.

Kate Mercier and her sister Georgia just lost their parents in a car accident and they decide to up and move to France with their grandparents. Although Kate is trying to heal and move on with life she just can't and she spends all her time alone and declines all invitations anywhere. I felt Kate's pain and although I can't understand what its like to lose your parents Amy Plum knows how to get you. Kate was definitely not weak, just lost after the accident.

I actually really loved Kate's character. Once I got to know her she was witty and fun. When she meets Vincent its automatic sparks. I always found myself giggling at something she'd say and their quick banter together. The romance was perfect. PERFECT! *sigh*

Vincent is a super sweet guy (and maybe sexy, just a bit though...), but that comes with the territory after living for so many years. Manners were a lot more common back then. He's torn between hurting Kate with his daily zombie duties, or letting her go so she can have a normal life and it tears him apart. Vincent always put Kate first and I love to see that old time charm in a romance story!

I enjoyed how it wasn't a creepy, scary paranormal it was more mystery than anything! I knew that this book was about zombies of some sort and to be honest zombies totally give me the creeps. These zombies didn't quite appear to be dead and are called revenants, meaning 'one who comes back from the dead'. They sacrifice their 'lives' over and over again to save people from harm.

I was fascinated by how complex the revenants history is. Of course with all good comes evil and these revenants are soldiers, strong and prepared to fight off anything—with old time equipment, too. How awesome right? Amy Plum created a truly unique band of creatures and paranormal world.

I fell for all the characters in this story. Even the bad guys. This book was funny, sad, heartfelt, and yes I will say it again...AWESOME. Overall...PLEASE read Die for Me. Its a wonderful debut and I can't wait to buy myself a copy when it hits the shelves! Order it NOW! ;)