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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel - Heather Terrell On the outside Ellie Faneuil is an ordinary girl, but she knows she’s different. Ellie can see things, just by touching someone and lately she’s been having ‘dreams’ of herself flying out her window and exploring her small town of Tillinghast. Then she meets Michael Chase and she’s seriously attracted to him.

They grow closer and Michael tells Ellie that her dreams of flying are real and that they share that ability, but their powers have a twist: blood. Blood, like touch, also reveals a person’s current thoughts and emotions and soon Michael and Ellie are craving each others blood. They spend months trying to figure out what they are and why they have these supernatural powers, until one dangerous being comes along!

Ellie is s really easy-going girl. She’s calm and collected, that is until she meets Michael and she’s uncertain of what she is. She’s quiet and doesn’t want to stick out and she’s always drawn to helping people. Michael on the other hand is a carefree type of guy that’s friends with everyone. Ellie is unsure at first whether or not to trust him, but it all falls into place.

I really loved this book! Its a romantic read with a mixture of the supernatural. I enjoyed the romance between Ellie and Michael. It was easy and just felt right. I was immediately drawn into the story and there was never a dull moment along the way. This book was a really nice addition to my end-of-the-year books and I recommend it to all!