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Extraordinary - Nancy Werlin First, I’ll just say I loved everything about this book. From the writing to the design of the book! There wasn’t a character I didn’t like and the way it was written was beautiful. Extraordinary’s main character, Phoebe Rothschild, comes from a wealthy and extraordinary family. Phoebe doesn’t think much of herself. Although she tries to believe in herself she still is very doubtful. Phoebe is someone everyone can relate to, in some point of your life, which I really liked! Phoebe meets Mallory, the odd new girl and faerie, in seventh grade and they are best friends from there on out. Little did Phoebe know that Mallory had a duty to make Phoebe believe how ordinary she really was. Four years later, things begin to fall apart for Phoebe and Mallory when Ryland, Mallory’s brother, comes into the human world to complete the mission Mallory failed to finish. Phoebe is instantly drawn to Ryland and her relationship with Mallory begins to dwindle. Ryland really treats Phoebe awful and although she realizes this, she’s so drawn to him she just acts like it doesn’t matter, which made me a bit angry, but she finds strength in her when its needed and that’s all that matters. By the end it all comes together. The only thing I have to complain about is that we don’t get to venture more into the faerie world. I would have loved to learn more about its people earlier in the book. There are conversations with the faerie queen throughout the book, but I felt like I was missing something, because I didn’t know much about it! Enough with the complaining! Now something amazing! Nancy Werlin describes the faerie people wonderfully. I’m a very visual person. I love really detailed descriptions and she did such a great job doing just that! I had read a few bad things about the ending of this book, which I must disagree with. After I had finished the book, I felt happy with the ending! Overall, Extraordinary was a great read and I recommend it to everyone!