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Enclave  - Ann Aguirre I don’t even know where to start with Enclave. How about epic first?! I absolutely loved this book and the story and the world that Ann Aguirre created. It was a fast paced, action-packed novel that kept me on edge at ALL times. The writing was perfect, too. I enjoyed Ann’s writing style—simplistic and still captures the reader, pulling them into Deuce’s world. Deuce is the ultimate kick-butt girl. I LOVED her. She was such a dynamic character and I loved that she was continuously learning about herself and exploring her feelings, because it was all so new to her. She’s a Huntress which means she’s to keep her enclave safe and hunt food. She’s excited to start her new job and gets partnered with Fade, the secluded outcast and Hunter. Although she’s labeled as ‘tough’, she’s very caring and compassionate. Fade and Deuce take a liking to each other, initially because they have to. I liked the growth of the relationship between them, because unless you are a Breeder no extensive emotions are allowed. This is one of my favorite light ‘romances’. There was no lust/love at first sight. They had to get to know each other and I enjoyed how well Ann wrote their new (to them) thoughts and feelings. Enclave also brought the creepy! I enjoyed when the Freaks came around, because I was always wanting more action. There was nothing better than reading about Deuce kicking some butt. The enclaves, gangs, and Freaks concepts are so unique and make Enclave stand out! There is just no way to say how much I truly enjoyed it. It was like being a Huntress myself and it felt real. Enclave is the epitome of awesome. I enjoyed every angle of the story and there were unexpected twists, turns, relationships and findings. It is one of my favorite books that I’ve read this year and I can’t wait for more from this series. If you liked The Hunger Games you will definitely LOVE this book! I hope you will all put it on your radars and find out just how good it is for yourselves!