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Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom  - Tera Lynn Childs Sweet Venom was definitely not what I was expecting in a positive and negative way. I was so excited to jump into this new mythological territory - I've never read a book about mythology before! I found that it was just a sometimes entertaining and a fast-pace read, but unfortunately it lacked pizzazz for me.

Gretchen has been a true huntress for four years now. Grace...not so much. But when the girls meet its difficult, as one would expect from randomly meeting you identical sister in a club. I really enjoyed the aspect that the girls didn't know each other. I think it brought humor and had an emotional pull. Gretchen is reluctant and tried to be hard all the time, but she still cared. Grace is the down to Earth sister - well until she sees beasties. Then there's Greer...the stylish social butterfly who has no time for 'sisters' and monsters.

Sweet Venom was written with three different perspectives - Gretchen, Grace and Greer. If you know me, I am a fan of this style and feel it always keeps the book fresh and different. It was a nice experience reading and understanding how each individual sister felt. I think this plays an important role in the reader making a connection to the triplets, even if its just with one of them.

The first half of the story was great and I was flipping the pages like no other. Then I noticed it started looping. I felt as if the story wasn't pushing through to the next level or phase of the plot. This was the major downfall here, because I wanted to be pumped up and ready to fight the monsters myself. Instead I was bored.

Another disappointment for me was a few loose ends by the final chapter. There were characters who seemed to fall of the face of the Earth - POOF! Gone. I felt there was no point for these characters and think they made no impact in the story so far. I hope to see more from them in future installments though!

The writing style was simplistic and I glided over the words. I enjoyed the three perspectives, characters and humor, but overall I wasn't as thrilled as I expected to be. I will however be checking out the rest of this series, because I am hopeful that it can only get better! I would suggest checking it out as a quick read.