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Blood Magic (The Blood Journals)

Blood Magic  - Tessa Gratton I don't even know where to start! AWESOME I is my first thought. Bloodiest book I've ever read is my second thought. But that definitely didn't get in my way of devouring this amazing debut! Tessa Gratton's Blood Magic is so precisely constructed that she's created a whole new dark and magically mysterious world. I just couldn't get enough!

Silla's blood has magic and at first I'm not sure she grasp how powerful she could be. Silla's parents were murdered and everyone blames her father. Silla never thought her dad would hide such an enormous secret, but as she dives deeper into the magic, she discovers that its one big web of danger and mystery. Silla was an awesome heroine—I wish to be like her someday. I enjoyed, to the fullest extent, learning more about the process of blood magic and how the main characters (with no knowledge) taught themselves the magic.

Silla was sad and angry that her town had pegged her father as a muderer. She finds a book with latin words and what seems like spells and when she started the magic she couldn't stop. Silla was strong-willed but gave into the magic, because it was a part of her and flowing through her. She was such a dynamic character. She's troubled and that's to be expected when you lose your parents and find out your blood is meant for magic. Nicholas and Reese (Silla's brother) rounded off the story as great supporting characters. I really enjoyed Reese and how Silla and him grew together through the magic. I was intrigued by all the characters and the history that lies beneath their struggles.

Tessa Gratton knows how to capture exactly how someone would feel in these situations and that grabbed me from the start. I enjoyed her writing style. It was deep and therefore I was able to get into each character's mindset. I really loved that the narration jumped from Silla to Nicholas, as that always keeps the story going and never boring!

The whole book kept me on edge. From 20 pages in I was on the edge of my seat wondering WHAT is going to happen next. The story jumps out and snatches you whole. I'm not sure I need to say anything else. I think you understand how awesome I think this book is!

Overall guys, its a must read! It was a perfect balance of mystery, romance, and magic. I will mention again that it is quite the bloody book, so if you don't like to read about someone sacrificing blood pretty much every chapter, then I would be cautious. It is not terribly graphic, but even I was like *ew* here and there.