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Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls, Book 2)

Linger  - Maggie Stiefvater In Linger Grace is happy to have Sam back but knows not all their problems are over with and Sam is still haunted by the cold. In this second installment to Shiver, we read from the perspective of four characters: Sam, Grace, Isabel, and Cole. While part of me was excited to have the hunky Cole thrown into the story, the other part of me was really disappointed, because well…Cole just made me angry. I couldn’t get over how his rockstar persona and stubbornness carried out through the book until the very end. You’d think he would learn! Cole is pretty much a lost soul who just wants to forget life even happened and stay a wolf forever. When Isabel and Cole meet you can see the sparks fly, but their relationship really doesn’t go much further than that, which really disappointed me, because there was absolutely no love felt between Sam and Grace. In Shiver, there was love everywhere – what happened!? Grace I felt was missing in most of the book, which was a let down because I really like her. She knows something is wrong with her – actually she knows exactly what it is. She comes booming back in the incredible ending that you won’t be expecting, well parts of it anyways. Isabel is angry and blames herself for the loss of her brother and when Sam doesn’t take hold of what is going on, she takes the reigns and lets him know what’s up. I did however enjoy Sam trying to become lead and take a hold on the wolf situation, but not quite reaching it. He has a hard time in Linger when he is apart from Grace and he misses his “family”. Sam is a heartfelt character, so you absolutely have to love him! I do look foward to (hopefully) him getting a grasp on everything in Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls #3). Overall, Linger has a pretty good storyline that is unique and at parts beautiful. But it just didn’t catch me like Shiver did!