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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly I don’t even know where to start! I loved Revolution SO much. I like historical novels and I absolutely love the French history written in this book. I just adore history and learning more and more about it! This was my first novel by Jennifer Donnelly and I really enjoyed her writing. It was smooth, but each word and sentence was filled with a ton of emotion and I couldn’t help but to feel what Andi Alpers felt as her story progresses. Andi is angry and sad, because she lost her brother. She blames herself and thinks that everyone else does too and the only way she knows how to hide the pain is music and playing her guitar. Andi was hard for me to connect with at first, because I have never felt this pain and depression that she was going through. It was hard for me to really understand why she acted and felt the way she did. Andi is failing all her classes and her Nobel-prize-winning-DNA-scientist father forces her to travel to Paris with him to work on her school’s final project. Then she finds a diary of Alexandrine Paradis, a girl from the French Revolution era, and it helps Andi, in an up-and-down kind of way, cope with what she’s bottling inside. Alexandrine is poor, hungry, and desperate to get a hold of some money for food for her family until she’s pushed into to acting as guardian and friend to Queen Marie Antoinette’s small son and dauphin of France, Louis-Charles. She gets paid and she gets fed, what could go wrong? Then the French Revolution breaks out and everything is downhill. Alexandrine struggles to make sure young Louis-Charles is not forgotten as Andi struggles with the loss of her brother and her mother being a little on the nutty side. I really enjoyed the parallel stories. They suited each other and kept the story intriguing and had me wondering, at all times, what would happen next! I’m a sucker for the stories that end with everything sorted out and happy, but it kept me on edge and excited to find out if its going to have a crazy ending or a happy ending. Now I think YOU should read it and find out for yourselves. Revolution was a wonderful book and I recommend it to everyone!