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The Forgotten Locket (Hourglass Door Trilogy)

The Forgotten Locket - Lisa Mangum I was excited to jump into The Hourglass Door after hearing many good things about it! I didn't figure it would be such an adventure and a truly unique story. Lisa Mangum created a whole new world where time and balance is everything. The Hourglass Door was the perfect beginning to a promising series. I dove into with high expectations and it definitely didn't let me down.

Abby's life is on track. Her senior year is going well and her plans after high school seems to be unfolding in her favor. But when she meets Dante Alexander everything gets flipped around. She's drawn to Dante, as he is to her, but she's always noticed something was just not right. Especially when time seems to slow down when he's around.

Abby is a strong-willed girl. She's got everything going for her and she doesn't take advantage of that. I appreciated that she was such a normal girl worrying about theater, hurting her boring boyfriend and her school plans. It was easy for me to connect to her. I loved that I was able to make an early connection to her, because it threw me into the story. After a while I was hooked (but I think Dante may have had something to do with that).

Dante the gorgeous Italian exchange student. What more must I say? Well, he's sweet and caring and has a shocking past that the reader won't expect...really. He was such a puzzle to me. I couldn't figure him out, but I never wanted to give up trying to! It was easy to fall for Dante as well as other supporting characters in the book.

Lisa Mangum has such a unique style of writing that it was just a foot in the door of fantasy. Well, actually it is a complete fantastical world seamlessly intertwined with the a normal girl's life. How much more can we ask for? The Hourglass Door was an amazing beginning to what seems to be a journey like no other.

I suggest this book to anyone who loves a fantasy and romance story. It is everything and more that I look for in a great read. Definitely a book to add to your lists!