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Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 1)

Eighth Grade Bites  - Heather Brewer The first installment of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series was surprising for me! For some odd reason, I wasn't very excited to read it, but I'm glad I finally did! I quite enjoyed it, but it was a bit harder for me to relate to as Vlad is only in eighth grade. I definitely can't wait to read the next 4 books, because I'm sure they will just keep getting better.

Vladimir Tod strikes me as a shy, quiet vampire. I love that, because usually we get the trouble maker vampires. Vlad's personality made him that much more unique to me and I enjoyed getting to know him through his story. Vlad was born a vampire, something that is very unusual. His father was a vampire and mother a human, also very unusual and not to mention a crime in the vampire world.

He lost his parents 3 years before and he is still not over it. Vlad finds a few hidden things that belonged to his father in the attic, one of them being a journal. When Vlad starts reading the entries he feels like he's found a whole new dangerous vampire world that he was protected from.

I'm always a fan of books when they have old journal entries, because it adds mystery to the storyline, like a puzzle. I was always trying to piece it together and figure out what was really going on. I was still guessing by the end of the book!

Unfortunately, even though I tried to be open, I couldn't relate to the characters. This has to do with them being so young (I'm a oldie ;) haha). I definitely think that the middle graders will REALLY enjoy this books. So, if you are a parent looking for a fun book your child can read, this is a great one!

Overall, I loved the setting and the story, but couldn't connect. I will be reading the follow-up books in this series and I'm sure it can only get better. Definitely a good read!