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Six Moon Summer

Six Moon Summer  - S.M. Reine I have to be honest here...I expected Six Moon Summer to be just the same ol', same ol'. Not at all! In fact I love this book. I was totally flipped around and I didn't know what to expect by the end. I enjoyed it so much!

Rylie is a teenage girl sent away for the summer because her parents are going through a messy divorce. She put on a stronger front that what she was actually feeling. I can definitely relate to that, I think most of us can. Rylie was the perfect heroine. She grew stronger with each moon and transformation and although her feelings overwhelmed her she was able to make the right choices.

I enjoyed 'becoming a werewolf' with Rylie. It was a completely different and creative paranormal experience. I have never read a story about someone who wasn't destined to be a 'monster' from the start or whatnot. I loved that the point was how Rylie was coping with turning into a werewolf!

Super cute Seth knows a lot about the Legends of Gray Mountain and Rylie takes his help with her transformations. I liked Seth and feel he was a great supporting character. I loved that there was light romance—well more like interest—between the two characters. It was more about the legends and action, which was awesome for a change! Except it turns out to be different from what anyone would expect and it broke my heart!

SM Reine's writing is simplistic with just the right amount of detail and feeling. I loved the writing. It's the best when I dive into a book and love everything about it right off the bat. I was impressed by the writing and that Reine was able to describe each transformation without the repetitiveness.

Please pick up Six Moon Summer! Its such an awesome read and a perfect summer book at that! It has everything a great book should have and I loved it.