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Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel

Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel - David Goodberg Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel had me confused most of the time. I would get into a story and it would just drop off with no real ending or closing. I really enjoyed the way the stories were written and I enjoyed the mini-stories between each short more than the actual short stories. I’m still boggled as to what I should get from reading this book. Each story was a bit odd and some had that dry sense of humor. But, by the end of each I was thoroughly confused and constantly re-analyzing the stories. I then thought, well maybe each story is to bring to light what people don’t normally think about each day. Each short story has an underlying meaning but some of them didn’t quite stand out as much as others. Overall this book had me feeling lost. I recommend this book to anyone who can appreciate the bizarre and metaphorical sense of Selected Shorts!