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The Onyx Talisman

The Onyx Talisman - Brenda Pandos The Emerald Talisman was definitely a great read, but I couldn’t help but to feel a bit disappointed by the end. I do have to say that Brenda Pandos’s writing is great and just got better as the book came to a close. The story starts off with suspense and it never ends! Julia is attacked by a vampire, obviously an evil one, and she’s utterly confused as to how someone was able to save her. I actually really loved Julia, she was sweet and knew how to get herself into some bad situations, but just as easily get herself out. I liked that she used her brain and wasn’t a total weakling. She can also read minds and hear what people are thinking, which I think is awesome, but she wished it would go away! We also meet a boy named Nicholas and Julia doesn’t know why, but she has a connection with him and can’t seem to drop it. Nicholas also might have answers to her mother’s disappearance, which doesn’t help her situation. We also meet Phil, the new kid at school and he seems interested in Julia and she thinks that maybe she’s found a way to rid her feelings for Nicholas. I could not choose between these boys. They both have charm, in their own ways, and they were kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I mean who doesn’t like to read about hot vampire boys? ;) Of course, things always get out of control and Pandos knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats. I just wanted to keep reading to find out how it was all going to play out — which is a bit suprising, by the way. I was disappointed that all I got out of the entire novel were questions GALORE in my head. Only a few were answered and I just felt that there could’ve have been a few answered with just a few details more. To me, there were too many things being brought up and then immediately put on the back-burner. But, with that said I don’t want potential readers to get discouraged and not read this book. I definitely believe it is a must read and I hope you guys will pick it up! I am really looking forward to reading The Sapphire Talisman, book 2 of the Talisman series, to get my questions answered!