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Torment (Fallen, Book 2)

Torment (Fallen, Book 2) - Lauren Kate I'll start off by saying that I've heard some good and bad about Torment, so I was a bit skeptical when I picked it up. I was nervous that I wasn't going to like it. I really enjoyed Fallen and once I picked up Torment I knew I would love it just as much! It has been a while since I'd read the first in the series and was glad when I was reminded throughout the beginning of Torment what had previously happened.

In Torment Luce steps out of her shell and toughens up to the Shadows. I really enjoyed seeing Luce explore on her own rather than rely solely on what Daniel has told her, which seems like close to nothing. Luce is in the dark while Daniel is 'protecting' her and she's not sure from what.

I love Daniel's character, but I liked that he was missing as Luce steps into the limelight. I definitely would have liked to see Cam more. I'm a sucker for the bad ones! There are some new characters though that I think are funny and a great addition to the story...There's Shelby who I picture as a beach-y type girl who's got a dry sense of humor and she's a bit hard to please, but definitely warms up after a while. Then there's Miles who's cute and sweet and befriends, Luce helping her through her new situation.

At Luce's new school Nephilim students are taught how to use their underlying powers and talents. Luce feels a bit out of place, but she takes learning alongside them as a benefit for figuring out the Shadows. Working against the rules, Luce discovers that the Shadows have a lot more to offer than fear and she soon discovers they can possibly reveal messages to her.

I love the LOVE in this series. Its passionate without being too mushy and gushy! Its so natural and even though doubts flicker in Torment Luce and Daniel know their love is strong and can withstand a lot. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Luce continue her exploration of her past lives and love with Daniel.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kate's different take on this type of story. Yes, its a struggle between Heaven and Hell, but it has unique twists and its definitely a page-turner! Its a great read and I do hope you will pick up the Fallen series!